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Wild Water

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The Laugh of the Water Nymph Book - Item #65022.01

The book, "The Laugh of the Water Nymph" contains 22 adventure stories from jungle rivers that disappear underground and cast off huge waterfalls, to glacial rivers running through the wilderness of northern Canada. There are 30 pages of wild and beautiful photographs with extremely high quality…



NRS River Tube Valve - Item #38543.01

This valve fits the NRS Wild River Tubes. It is a "Boston"-type valve and may fit other types of inflatables. * This valve is compatible with NRS River Tubes that do not have cup holders. The outer diameter outside the threads is 0.94" (23.89 mm) * Open the top cap to inflate (inflation hole is…



Light My Fire Sporks - Item #71308.01

…of the wild to civilization. The Spork is perfect for boating, camping or use around the office. * Call it a spork, call it a foon, call it a sporkn but with its integrated spoon, fork and knife just don't call it late for dinner. * Heat resistant material doesn't melt in hot/boiling water. * Won't…



Halfway to Halfway and Other River Stories Book - Item #65069.01

…the best days he'd ever had on the water." See what it's like to drive home naked from the airport and try to sneak in the house without your wife seeing. * Many come to the river for the thrills of the waves and holes. Most who stay are held there by the wild beauty of the country they float…


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