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Werner Rio Paddle 30 Degree - Item #75718.01
An advanced river running design at an introductory price. The Werner Rio's mid-size blades are well balanced and easy to use, making this a great paddle for beginner and intermediate kayakers. * 30 degree blade offset balances solid bracing with reduced wind resistance. * Features Werner's premium…



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Sawyer Pro Stick Paddle - Item #77152.01
The ultimate whitewater guide paddle, the Sawyer Pro Stick™ is built to take on the biggest water and the toughest abuse. * This paddle's beautiful craftsmanship makes it stand out on the water. * A comfortable T-grip tops a super strong carbon fiber-reinforced fiberglass shaft. * The…



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Werner Side Kick Paddle 30 Degree - Item #75682.01
The Werner Side Kick Paddle's large blades offer the ultimate combination of power and responsiveness for strong, well conditioned play boaters. * 30 degree blade offset balances solid bracing with reduced wind resistance. * Premium fiberglass blade and shaft construction provides lightweight…


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NRS Kayak/SUP Hanger - Item #50024.01
For an easy, convenient way to store your kayak and paddle NRS offers you the Kayak Hanger. Strong nylon straps suspend your gear from a wall or ceiling freeing up valuable storage space. * Tough, adjustable nylon straps suspend your kayak securely out of the way. * Steel J-hooks easily attach the…



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Werner Player Paddle - Bent 30 Degree - Item #75695.01
The Werner Player Paddle is the most popular choice for serious play boaters who want to get after it. Featuring mid-size down-turned blades, the Player offers a great combination of power and responsiveness. * 30 degree blade offset balances solid bracing with reduced wind resistance. * Werner's…


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Werner Twist Paddle - Bent 45 Degree 2011 Model - Item #526
…Twist Bent Shaft Paddle make it super light, quick and efficient. Perfect for smaller paddlers, women and youth who want big performance in a smaller package. * 45 degree blade offset significantlly reduces wind resistance on the forward stroke for more efficient paddling. * Werner's exclusive…


On Sale: $239.95 $345.00

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Werner Powerhouse Paddle 30 Degree - Item #75668.01
The Werner Powerhouse Paddle offers the power and responsiveness needed for big creeks and river running. Full-size blades are evenly balanced for a clean, powerful catch and a strong, smooth stroke. * 30 degree blade offset balances solid bracing with reduced wind resistance. * Premium fiberglass…



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NRS Whitewater Kayak Paddle Bag - Item #50020.01
…1-piece whitewater paddle. The NRS Whitewater Paddle Bag protects your paddle from scratches and cracks that occur during road trips and airline travel. * Padded and fleece-lined for the ultimate cushioned protection from all the hard knocks of traveling. * Fleece lining will protect two paddles



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The Complete Whitewater Rafter Book - Item #65048.01
This book compiles information on oar and paddle techniques; equipment and accessories; hydrology and river reading; safety and rescue; camping and cookery; maintenance and repair; guidebooks and resources; where the jobs are; history; whitewater photography; and much, much more. Author: Jeff…



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PTK Kayak Paddle 45 Degree - Item #77102.01
Asymmetrical blade design, indestructible construction. Like the other PT paddles, this whitewater kayak paddle is built using the toughest materials available. The blade design pulls smoothly through the water without excessive flutter, and the shaft is indexed for easy control. Available with…



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Werner Nantahala Canoe Paddle - Item #75850.01
Whether you prefer kneeling or sitting, whitewater or flatwater, the Werner Nantahala fits your paddling style. Werner designed this fiberglass-blade canoe paddle for total versatility. * The Nantahala's symmetrical blade provides a powerful catch, and its dihedral profile makes forward and reverse…



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NRS PTC Canoe/Raft Paddle - Item #77101.01
Quality materials make the PTC paddle strong and dependable, ideal for recreational canoeing and whitewater rafting. * High-impact ABS plastic outer shell can take the abuse of multiple paddling seasons. * Airplane-grade aluminum inner shaft is strong and resilient, for years of worry-free use. *…



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