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UST See-Me Manual Rescue Strobe - Item #71716.01
Be seen on the water with the powerful and reliable UST Marine™ See-Me™ Rescue Strobe. This flashing LED rescue light can be seen up to 3 miles away. * The 45-lumen LED bulb flashes at a steady one-second high-visibility interval. * Just give the bulb housing a simple twist for instant…


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UST See-Me 1.0 Strobe Light - Item #71715.01
Bright, lightweight and compact, the UST See-Me 1.0 Strobe is the perfect choice for paddlers and recreational boaters who want to be seen. Light is visible for 2.7 miles, twice the distance required by the US Coast Guard. * Provides 28 lumens of light and runs for 44 hours on two AAA alkaline or…


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UST See-Me Select LED Rescue Light & Strobe - Item #71711.01
US Coast Guard approved and SOLAS compliant, the UST See-Me Select Rescue Light uses powerful LEDs in strobe or steady mode to mark your location for rescue or to avoid collisions. Activates automatically when submerged. * The powerful strobe draws attention to your site and steady-on lighting helps…


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