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Used Otter Raft

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USED NRS Otter 139D Dodger XL Raft - Closeout
USED NRS Otter 139D Dodger XL Raft - Closeout - Item #87499.14
…the floor. * 5-year retail warranty, 3-year commercial. Specifics about this item: This is a custom boat built using the E-139D size and Otter Series specs. This boat has been lightly used and is in excellent condition. It does not come with thwarts, or thwart attachments. These can be purchased…

On Sale: $3200.00 $4000.00

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NRS Patriot 140 Self-Bailing Rafts
NRS Patriot 140 Self-Bailing Rafts - Item #85067.01
…140 Raft is a do-it-all kind of boat. Self-bailing, tough, abrasion-resistant, with Made-in-USA material. * NRS Patriot Series Rafts give you the world-famous NRS quality and performance at a price private boaters love. * This boat is patterned similarly to the NRS Expedition 140 and Otter 140;…


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NRS Pennel Orca Raft Handles
NRS Pennel Orca Raft Handles - Item #37365.01
NRS Pennel Orca® Raft handles provide a strong, durable grip for carrying your raft or cataraft to and from the water. Best for use with Pennel Orca® and Hypalon® inflatable boats. * This raft handle can take all the use and abuse you can throw at it, even in the most hostile environments.…


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NRS Pennel Orca Material - 1100d
NRS Pennel Orca Material - 1100d - Item #38004.01
The material used to make all NRS Sport and Otter Series rafts. 1100 denier / 41 oz. Prices are per running foot. Width is approximately 57 inches.



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