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NRS Big River Tube
NRS Big River Tube - Item #70005.02
The NRS Big River Tube features the same fun and durable design as the NRS Wild River Tube in a bigger, more buoyant size. With a 4-foot diameter, this baby will float uncle Bubba and his dog too! * Sturdy non-removable mesh floor provides extra security and support. * Tough 28-gauge PVC inner…

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NRS Wild River Tube
NRS Wild River Tube - Item #70001.02
What's more relaxing that drifting with the current on a lazy-flowing stream? Let the NRS Wild River Tube with a mesh floor transport you to that peaceful place. * Sturdy non-removable mesh floor provides extra security and support. * Tough 28-gauge PVC inner bladder inflates and deflates through a…


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NRS Unbendable Pipe 1-5/8" Anodized
NRS Unbendable Pipe 1-5/8" Anodized - Item #91002.01
Made with 1-3/8" inner dimension 1-5/8 outer dimension anodized aluminum. The unbendable pipe is great to customize your side rails or add that extra cross bar. If you need lengths broken down into certain sections, please specify in the comments section when placing an order. Sold by the foot.…

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NRS River Tube Valve
NRS River Tube Valve - Item #38543.01
…the NRS Wild River Tubes. It is a "Boston"-type valve and may fit other types of inflatables. * We sell two valves which vary slightly in size but are other wise very similar. In order to know what valve you need, check to see if your river tube has a cup holder. * River tubes made after April 2009…



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NRS Hydration Bladder Replacement Tube and Valve
NRS Hydration Bladder Replacement Tube and Valve - Item #40027.01
We all know it's harder to clean some things than others. Replace the old tube and bite valve on your hydration bladder for a fresh clean taste. * 3'6" replacement hose with male threading on the end. * Bite valve attached.

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NRS River Bed Sleeping Pad
NRS River Bed Sleeping Pad - Item #71419.01
…pad self-inflates. Close the valve and you're ready for a good night's sleep. If you want a firmer pad, blow in some air with the included inflation tube, our use your boat pump. * Two cinch straps with quick-release buckles help you roll your sleeping pad compactly for easy transport. * For rafters…

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$149.95 - $219.95

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NRS Otter 142 Fishing Package
NRS Otter 142 Fishing Package - Item #85017.01
…for any fishing excursion or multi-day trip down the river. * High quality Pennel Orca® tubes and floor, HD40 tube armor and a frame chafe guard make this one heck of a tough boat. * A three chamber tube construction ensures you have buoyancy in case of an accident. * Reattach the two removable…

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AIRE Lion 14' Cataraft
AIRE Lion 14' Cataraft - Item #87023.01
…like its namesake, the AIRE Lion 14 Cataraft will make the haul. This boat has a load capacity comparable to most 16' catarafts. * With 25.5 Inch tubes the Lion 14 was designed to carry lots of gear for use on a variety of waters * At 14 feet, this boat is great for the smaller, tighter rivers where…

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NRS Universal Frame - 72"W x 108"L
NRS Universal Frame - 72"W x 108"L - Item #92066.02
…fly into the outback. * The frame comes with Standard Drop Rails and 72" crossbars. This combination gives you even more distance between your cat tubes than you get with our 72" yoke frames. * The 108" side rails are made in two sections (72" and 36"), using our Breakdown Side Rail Adapters. This…

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NRS 13' Outlaw Cataraft
NRS 13' Outlaw Cataraft - Item #86045.01
…each tube give you abundant safety margins in an emergency. * A 27" rocker on the tubes help you power over waves and assist hole-busting and surfing abilities. * These tubes work best with the NRS Sport Cat Frame. The 66"-wide model gives you approximately the same internal width between the tubes

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Quick-N-Easy Cross Bar
Quick-N-Easy Cross Bar - Item #63005.01
1" Diameter Steel Tubes for the Quick & Easy Rack System. Great for vehicles with suitable rain gutters.



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NRS Pennel Orca Tube Material - 1670d
NRS Pennel Orca Tube Material - 1670d - Item #38006.01
Repair that old raft with NRS Black Pennel Orca®. 1670 denier / 48 oz. Price is by the running foot. Width is approximately 57 inches.

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