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Sun Screen

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Informational: Gear Checklist – Fishing Gear

…Anchor PFD Pumps Fishing License Rods Reels Line Tackle Boxes Net Fish Scale Gaff Tape Measure Fillet Knife Sharpener Clippers Maps Bug Repellent Sun Screen Dry Bags Coolers Duffel Bags Medical Kit Flashlight/Headlamp Water Bottle/Hydration Pack Customizable Excel File (Requires Microsoft Excel)…

Informational: Gear Checklist – Personal Camping Necessities

…Foul-Weather Gear Personal Hygiene Items Headlamp/Flashlight Extra Batteries Towel Washcloth Eating Utensils Bowl/Plate Coffee Cup Water Bottle Sun Screen Lip Balm Sunglasses Retainers for Eyeglasses Spare Prescription Glasses, Contacts Medicines Camera & Waterproof Case Film and Batteries for…

Informational: Gear Checklist – Rafting Apparel

…______________________________________ Emergency Phone #s [ ] ______________________________________ Cell Phone [ ] ______________________________________ Sun Screen [ ] ______________________________________ River Water Gear [ ] ______________________________________ Rain Jacket and Pants [ ]…

Informational: Clyde's Grand Canyon Blog: Community Gear List

…conservative). Clyde will see about getting at least one of the new Eco-Safe units, which are 50-use. * Toilet screening - Dave * Sun showers – Clyde, Dave (2), Al * Sun shower screening - Dave * Firepan – barbeque grill – Alan * Charcoal lighting chimney – Dave thinks Clyde…

Informational: Wetsuit Repair and Care

…rays from the sun will damage your neoprene over time. * 303 Aerospace Protectant is a powerful UV screening product for protecting neoprene, technical outerwear, life jackets, inflatable boats and most of your other boating gear. Regular use will prevent damage from the sun. * 303 is an…

Informational: Paddlesports Gear Repair

…tents, tarps, and other boating and camping gear. UV Protection Ultraviolet light can damage your wetsuit over time. 303 Protectant is a powerful "screen" for your gear, and pand regular use will help maintain the strength and integrity of your wetsuit. Drysuits Gasket replacement instructions Over…

Showing 1 - 6 of 6