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Informational: “Living” With Kids on Boating Trips

…grapes, apples and oranges. * It’s important that they stay well hydrated. Get them their own water bottle; put their name on it and some fun stickers. If they’ll drink water, that’s probably best. If not, add flavor with fruit juices or a sprinkle of powdered beverage crystals. Be…

Informational: NRS - Boat Registration

…Phone:* * Email:* 2 Boat Information * Date of Purchase:* * Serial Number:* Example: WSI12345B515 or 1234B515 See ID plate on boat or original box sticker * Inflatable Type:* CataraftDrift BoatIKRaftRiver BoardRiver TubesSUP * Model (all):* 13' Cool Cat13' Outlaw Cataraft14' River Cat15' Cool Cat16'…

Informational: Kids and Nature

…sure they have nourishing snacks. Playing in the outdoors makes ‘em hungry. * Get them their own water bottle; help them decorate it with stickers. * Dressing them in bright clothes makes it easier to keep track of them. * Give them a whistle and teach them how to use it for signaling if they…

Showing 1 - 3 of 3