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Informational: “Living” With Kids on Boating Trips
…grapes, apples and oranges.> It’s important that they stay well hydrated. Get them their own water bottle, put their name on it and some fun stickers. If they’ll drink water, that’s probably best. If not, add flavor with fruit juices or a sprinkle of powdered beverage crystals. Be…

Informational: NRS - Boat Registration
…2Boat Information * Date of Purchase:* * Serial Number:* 3 letters, 5 numbers/letters, 1 letter, 3 numbers See ID plate on boat or original box sticker * Inflatable Type:* CataraftDrift BoatIKRaftRiver BoardRiver TubesSUP * Model (all):* 13' Cool Cat13' Outlaw Cataraft14' River Cat15' Cool Cat16'…

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2