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NRS Frame Stern Seat Mount with Seat - Item #92017.02
…for whitewater. * The Stern Seat Mount works best when the seat bar rests on or near the apex of the raft's stern tube. (This is especially true if you're adding a Raft Anchor Mount.) Measure the distance from the center of the rear frame crossbar to the apex of the stern tube. If that distance…



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NRS Stern Raft Frame - Item #92007.02
…your raft's stern tube. * Small size fits boats with up to 60" frame widths (measured from center to center of the side tubes). The Large works on 66" and wider boats. * You can adjust the seat, foot bar and oar mounts to set up the rowing station just how you like it. * The Stern Frame with…


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Tributary 13.0 Fishing Package - Item #87108.01
…additional Stern Seat Mount gives you room for another angler in the back of the boat, with an Angler Swivel Seat that allows you to fish at any angle. * A U-Shaped Thigh Bar gives added stability for the front angler, while the Rear "Y" Thigh Bar does the same in the back. * The NRS Anchor Mount is…

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Yakima LandShark Kayak Saddles - Item #62542.01
…cradle the hull of your kayak securely abovethe crossbars. * Contoured shape fits most kayak hulldesigns. * Complete set of four, holds one kayak. * Mount directly to either Yakima or Thule crossbars. Forfactory racks use Yakima MightyMounts (soldseparately). * Padded Heavy Duty Straps for tie down…



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Yakima HullRaiser Aero Kayak Rack - Item #62547.01
…Universal cradle design fits any kayak. * Includes two padded Heavy Duty Straps to secure theboat and a pair of Bow/Stern Tie Downs. * J-Cradles mount to round or square crossbars. * The base pads are made of Dynaflex™ and the upperpads of closed cell foam, for protection of your boatsfinish.



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NRS Motor Mount Stern Side Rails - Item #90022.02
…a pair of NRS Stern Side Rails to connect our Motor Mount to your raft frame. Great for fishing or those slow, flatwater stretches. * Made with our standard NRS Frame Pipe, 1-5/8" OD 6061-T6 aluminum pipe, complete with LoPro Fittings (including U-bolts). * Use a pair of these Stern Side Rails to…


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NRS Stern Frame with SkidGuard Seat - Item #92009.02
…Skidguard Seat makes this NRS Stern Frame easier to stack with other rafts on a trailer or in the boat house. You guide the raft from the stern while the paddle crew supplies the muscle. * Built to fit 14' and longer rafts. * The NRS Raft Stern Frame adjusts to fit any stern tube height. * The 4'…


NRS Raft Motor Mount - Item #93102.02
…have an NRS Stern Seat Mount, you can install your Motor Mount by removing the Seat Bar and seat and substituting the Motor Mount. * If you do not have a Stern Seat Mount you will need a pair of NRS Stern Side Rails (item #90022.02, sold separately) to link the Motor Mount to the rear Crossbar…


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NRS Raft Stern Frame Anchor System for Frames with Forged LoPros - Item #93081.02
Smooth and durable system to be used in conjunction with the NRS Stern Seat Mount. Smooth, durable system for dropping and retrieving your anchor while fishing. Mounted slightly to the right and in front of the rower for easy accessibility and operation. This item is for frames with the newer…


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NRS Raft Stern Frame Anchor System for Frames with Cast LoPros - Item #93081.01
…Cleat is conveniently located near the rower for easy anchoring. * The Anchor Mast attaches to the end of the Stern Seat Bar. If you don't have a stern seat, call us for other mounting options. * The anchor and anchor rope are not included. * We recommend 3/8" polypropylene rope, Item # 45012.01.



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NRS Raft Fishing Frame - Item #92013.02
…Hooks, a Stern Seat Mount, Anchor System, Stripping Baskets and Scotty® rod and accessory holders. * The heart of the NRS frame system, the LoPro™ Fitting allows complete adjustability for all frame parts. Now made in stronger, lighter hot-forged aluminum alloy. * NRS Oar Mounts are…


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NRS Otter 130 Fishing Package - Item #85014.01
…fish. You get a comfortable rowers seat in the middle and a raised Angler Swivel Seat that puts the angler up high for ease of casting. * The Stern Seat Mount gives you room for another angler in the back of the boat, with an Angler Swivel Seat that allows you to fish at any angle. * Front and rear…

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