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Solar Power

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Brunton Freedom Portable Power - Item #71761.01
solar panel allows you to charge your favorite devices, no matter how far you wander from civilization. * Water resistant for worry-free use outdoors. * A durable rubberized outer shell protects the Freedom from impact and abrasion. * A handy power gauge lets you know how much charging power



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Brunton Explorer 5 Foldable Solar Panel - Item #71766.01
The Brunton Explorer 5 Solar Panel is a foldable, compact power source for capturing sunlight to recharge your electronic devices when you take them into the great outdoors. * The panel captures the sun's energy and channels it through a USB output to efficiently power up your personal electronics.…



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Brunton Explorer 10 Foldable Solar Panel - Item #71772.01
High-efficiency cells in the Brunton Explorer 10 Solar Panel keep the juice flowing and the footprint small. With onboard 12v and USB ports it keeps power-hungry gadgets like your GPS, smart phone and GoPro camera topped off and humming. * Use the sun's energy to keep your electronics working when…


Brunton Inspire 3200 Portable Power Pack - Item #71773.01
…or GPS, the Brunton Inspire 3200 packs enough power to keep it running. It's the perfect compact companion for your off-the-grid adventures. * Charge it from a USB outlet, solar panel or auto (adapter included), and you've got take-along power that fits in a pocket. * The water-resistant, rubberized…


Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Solar Kit with 110V Inverter - Item #71765.03
On the go, on the water or in the boonies, keep powering all your electronics with the Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Solar Recharging Kit with 110V Inverter. The portable charger can be powered up from the wall, the car or the included Nomad 13 Solar Panel. * The Sherpa 50 Kit is so compact and lightweight…


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Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Solar Recharging Kit - Item #71762.02
Solar Panel will charge your electronics directly from its USB and 12 Volt DC charging ports. And, it will charge the Guide 10 Recharger unit. * Also you can charge the Guide 10 Recharger from any USB port. * Includes the Guide 10 Battery Pack with four rechargeable AA batteries, capable of powering


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Brunton WOW Magnetic Lantern - Item #71712.01
…are removable and double as a tripod for small scopes or point and shoot cameras. * Take off the diffuser and you've got a handy flashlight. * The rechargeable WOW features Brunton's new SyncTech™ technology, making it compatible with any USB-ready solar panels or portable power storage units.


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Black Diamond ReVolt Headlamp - Item #71660.01
…lightweight, streamlined unit also pumps out 110 lumens of bright LED light. * USB compatibility lets you charge the ReVolt from your computer, solar panel or other USB port. * Long distance, proximity and night vision modes let you choose the right lighting for the task at hand. * Settings include…


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