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Yakima LandShark Kayak Saddles
Yakima LandShark Kayak Saddles - Item #62542.01
A set of Yakima LandShark Saddles gives you simple,effective and secure car top transport for most rigidhull plastic kayaks. The Land Sharks are Yakima'seconomical car top kayak carrying solution. This set offour saddles cradle the hull of your kayak securely abovethe crossbars. * Contoured shape…



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Yakima HullyRoller
Yakima HullyRoller - Item #62546.01
With a set of Yakima HullyRollers on the back of your car'sroof rack, you can easily position your kayak on your cartop, even by yourself. When the boat is in place, strap itdown securely right to the HullyRollers. (You'll needeither a second set of HullyRollers, or other saddle mountssuch as the…



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Yakima Mako Kayak Saddles
Yakima Mako Kayak Saddles - Item #62535.01
The Yakima Mako Saddles cradle your kayak's hull with soft,grippy pads to keep it in place during transport. Thishalf-set is the ideal companion to the HulleyRollers (soldseparately), providing a firm support once your boat isloaded. Or combine two Mako Saddle half-sets for a reliablecar top kayak…



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Encounters from a Kayak Book
Encounters from a Kayak Book - Item #67051.01
…scatter a stranger's ashes at sea to visiting with a man who escaped from Holland by kayak during World War II. (His account of eating rotten shark should not be read before mealtime.) * The tales in the book's third section, "Places," range from tangling with police in Shanghai to navigating…


Cataract Carbon Razor Oar Blade with Edge Protector - 7"
Cataract Carbon Razor Oar Blade with Edge Protector - 7" - Item #77301.02
…sharp impacts, reducing overall cracking and chipping. * The urethane edge protector wraps around the perimeter to guard against nicks, chips and "shark bites." * Dynel edging molded into the blade further reinforces the edges. * A strong but lightweight urethane core backs the carbon fiber skin. *…


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