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Rescue Strobe

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ACR Firefly Plus Strobe - Item #71714.01
…Firefly Plus gives you a powerful omni-directional strobe and a bright flashlight in a compact, waterproof, impact-resistant package. * Dependable safety equipment for boaters, skiers, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts. * High-intensity xenon strobe is visible over one mile. * Built with tough…


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UST See-Me Select LED Rescue Light & Strobe - Item #71711.01
…compliant, the UST See-Me Select Rescue Light uses powerful LEDs in strobe or steady mode to mark your location for rescue or to avoid collisions. Activates automatically when submerged. * The powerful strobe draws attention to your site and steady-on lighting helps rescue crews zero in. * Activates…



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NRS Rapid Rescuer PFD - Item #40025.01
…shut. * Quick-release rescue belt, with stainless steel ring, for "live bait" and other swiftwater rescue techniques. * Three lash tabs on the front are great for a knife, whistle or anything else you need to keep handy. * On the back there's an additional lash tab for a strobe, and a chem-light…



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NRS Zen Rescue Life Jacket - Item #40030.01
…the jacket. * Large front pocket for rescue gear you want close at hand. * Large pouch, with hook-and-loop closures, behind hand warmers holds additional rescue gear. * Carabiner attachment loop for end of a tow tether has a convenient release tab. * Strobe attachment loop on the back of the jacket…



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ACR ResQLink PLB-375 - Item #45220.01
…it. * The 66-channel GPS receiver acquires satellites faster when activated than many similar devices. * An automatic strobe flashes while the device is activated to help rescue personnel see your location. * Three levels of integrated signal technology improve the likelihood that your distress…


Navisafe PFD Attachment - Item #50122.01
…attachment. * Don't take chances with other crafts in low-light paddling conditions! * Simple design slips securely into the accessory lash tab or strobe loop on your life jacket. * Attach your Navi Light's magnetic base, and you're ready to hit the water. * For extra security, use the standard…



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Astral Sea Wolf PFD - Item #40085.03
…accents and strobe light attachment points keep you visible in low-light conditions. * Fleece-lined hand warmers are oh so comfortable on chilly days. * Front lash tab for quick-access attachment of a rescue knife. * You can also add a quick-release belt for safe towing or rescue. (Not included.…



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