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Replacement Carlisle Foam Oar Grip - Item #77308.01
Reduce fatigue and prevent blisters! Grips fit Carlisle, Cataract and most other oar handles. Installation tip: Use hair spray to lubricate the inside of the grips, then just slide them on! Grips are sold individually.



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NRS Barrel Pump Handle - Item #80092.01
Replacement Handle for the 5" NRS Barrel Pump.


Bow/Stern D-Ring Carrying Handles - Item #37355.01
Combine our EasyCarry™ Handle with a 2" D-ring and you've got the ultimate addition to your boat. This triangle patch is standard on the bow and stern of all E-series rafts. * Pennel Orca® material is strong and abrasion resistant. * A 6" handle provides a reliable hold. * The stainless…


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NRS Gusto Replacement Handle - Item #80053.01
Replacement handle for the NRS Gusto pump.


NRS Big Sky Cooler Replacement Handles - Item #70922.01
Replacement handle for all of the NRS Big Sky coolers.


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Igloo Cooler Replacement Handle - Wood & Rope - Item #70892.01
Factory Igloo® wood and rope replacement handle for 128-162 quart Marine coolers. * Includes one wooden handle, rope and mounting bracket. * Does not include mounting screws. * Handle: 1 1/4" diameter x 9" long. * Bracket: 7" wide x 2" high.


NRS Pennel Orca Raft Handles - Item #37365.01
…burly 1.5" nylon webbing handle. * The 12" x 5" Pennel Orca Patch provides a large gluing surface and disperses the load across a broad area for superior strength. * Use it to add extra handles to your boat for easier carrying, or to replace worn-out or inferior handles. * Attach to your Pennel Orca…


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Replacement Cataract Oar Grip - Item #77307.01
Replace worn or torn oar grips. These replacement oar grips are 1/8" thick, require no maintenance, and are not slippery when wet. Installation tip: Use hair spray to lubricate the inside of the grips, then just slide them on! Grips are sold individually.



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NRS Barrel Pump Handle and Shaft - Item #80091.01
Replacement Handle and Shaft for the 5" NRS Barrel Pump.



NRS Barrel Pump Top Cap 5" - Item #80095.01
…is a glued assembly. To replace a broken top cap you have two choices: 1. Also purchase Replacement handle and shaft, Item 1709.4 and Replacement Piston NRS Barrel Pump, Item 1709.2. OR 2. Saw off the shaft right below the existing handle and replace with Replacement Handle NRS Barrel Pump, Item…


Rope Bag - Item #45109.01
…urethane-coated nylon provides excellent protection for this bag's contents. Holds 150' of .5" rope. Webbing loop at the entrance to the bag helps keep a wide opening when stuffing rope. Handle on the bottom makes transporting easier. Draw cord closure keeps rope in and dirt out. Rope not included.

$24.95 - $34.95

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NRS Dura Soft Coolers - with Infinity Liner (5qt-44qt) - Item #70020.01
…liner makes cleaning easy. Replacement Infinity liners are available. #70021.02 * Skid-resistant feet on the bottom of the cooler help it stay where it's put. * Two exterior D-rings allow you to strap the cooler into a boat. * The Large cooler has padded handles and an accessory pocket. The…


$34.95 - $69.95

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