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Carlisle Oar Shaft - Item #77256.01
…abrasion-resistant polyethylene tubing. 8' and longer oars have reinforced inner shafts for extra-duty strength. Rubber grips cushion the molded plastic handles. Removable blades permit easy storage and transport. Shaft size includes handle and blade. Oars sold individually Blade sold separately…


$55.50 - $89.95

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Rafting Santa Ornament - Item #70212.01
Rafting Santa is at the oars and his elves are digging in with the paddles. This durable ornament will look great hung at home for the holidays or over your desk year round. * Made of durable polystone for years of holiday fun. * Makes a great gift for that fun loving paddler on your list.



USED NRS Raft Fishing Frame - No Seats, 6" Oar Mounts - Closeout - Item #89000.11
…four NRS Straps to secure the frame to your boat. * Components: Side Rails, Seat Bar, Foot Bar, Angler Seat Bar, Cross Bar, and 6" Oar Mounts. Please purchase a Padded Raft Seat and Angler Swivel Seat separately. A NRS Frame Wrench (not included) or 1/2" socket wrench will be needed to assemble the…

On Sale: $360.55 $515.10

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Oar Rights - Item #77412.01
…"lock" your oar blade in position for the most effective stroke. * You can still feather the oar blade by simply tugging the oar in so the spline of the Oar Right clears the oarlock horns. * For Carlisle and Cataract oars, use the Molded Oar Sleeve with the Oar Right for proper fit. * The Oar Right…


$18.00 - $35.95

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NRS Oar Mitts - Item #25033.01
Oar Mitts over your oar handles, slip your hands inside, and you can row with cozy hands all day long. When it's time to tie a knot or release a fish, the Oar Mitts stay in place and your warm fingers are ready to go. * Finally, a pogie for rowers! Guides, fishermen and anyone else running a raft or…



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Molded Oar Sleeve - Item #77414.01
oar shafts. * Oar Sleeves protect the shafts of your oars from abrasion and fit nicely in open oar locks. * They clamp securely to the oar shaft with a threaded bolt and nut. * Oar Rights and Convertible Oar Rights fit over the Oar Sleeves for positive blade orientation. * If you're not using Oar



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Cataract SGX Oar Shaft - Item #77313.01
…by the aerospace industry. These oars perform like no others, translating muscle energy into stroke power more effectively than other oars, giving you the ultimate in oar responsiveness. The SGX model is ideal for the boater who wants a stiffer, lighter, longer oar (10' and 11') on heavier boats;…


$164.50 - $179.95

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Plastic Oar Stoppers - Item #77406.01
If you are not using oar rights, plastic stoppers will position and keep your oars where you want them to be. Use large stoppers with Molded Oar Sleeves. Sold in pairs. Small: Mounts directly on small-diameter shafts 1 3/8" - 1 5/8" Regular: Mounts directly on Carlisle or Cataract shafts 1 7/8" - 2"…


$15.00 - $29.95

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Carlson Oar Stirrups - Item #77417.01
Oar Stirrups prevent oars from getting away during tough maneuvers. Made by Carlson with rigid white polyethylene.


$11.50 - $22.95

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NRS Oar Stirrups - Item #77418.01
Oar Stirrups prevent oars from getting away during tough maneuvers. Made by NRS from Reeves neoprene floor material. Sold in pairs. Package includes hardware and instructions.


$8.50 - $16.95

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Rubber Oar Stopper - Item #77405.01
The Rubber Oar Stopper keeps your oar shaft from slidingthrough the oarlock. Fits both Carlisle and Cataract oarshafts. * The 1" thick rubber stopper goes right over the oarshaft, not over the Molded Oar Sleeve. * The 1 5/8" inner diameter is a tight fit on the shaft.Use either soap and water or…


$5.95 - $11.95

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NRS Oar Tethers - Item #77431.01
…your oar. The NRS Oar Tether keeps that oar anchored to the boat if it pops off the oarlock or pin. And the quick release buckle lets you easily remove your oar when needed. * An unexpected loss of an oar can ruin your whole day. The Oar Tether gives you a fighting chance to get that oar back in…



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