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NRS Bighorn II Raft Frame - Item #92003.02
…88" frame lengths make the Bighorn II an excellent fit on most 14' and longer rafts. * Includes four 9' NRS straps and eight strap slides for securing your cooler and dry box to the frame. * The heart of the NRS raft frame system, the LoPro™ Fitting allows complete adjustability for all frame


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NRS Bighorn I Raft Frame - Closeout - Item #92001.01
Our best-selling frame, the Bighorn I can cradle a large cooler or dry box rigged either in front or behind. Its rugged design makes it a good platform for customizing your rigging. Add optional components to accommodate more gear or additional passengers. Two 9' NRS straps and four strap slides are…


On Sale: $484.50 $570.00

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NRS Frame Cross Bar with LoPro's - Item #90003.02
Customize your raft or cataraft frame by adding NRS Cross Bars. The LoPro™ Fittings allow you to locate the bar anywhere along the side rails. * Made with our rugged 1 5/8" OD 6061-T6 anodized aluminum pipe, with 1/8" wall thickness. * LoPro Fittings come with U-bolts, lock nuts and washers. *…


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USED NRS Raft Fishing Frame - No Seats, 6" Oar Mounts - Closeout - Item #89000.11
The secret is out, rafts make great fishing boats! The NRS Raft Fishing Frame uses a comfortable seat for the rower and puts the angler up high with a padded Angler Swivel Seat. * This frame turns your raft into a fishing machine. The fully adjustable and adaptable NRS frame system lets you…

On Sale: $360.55 $515.10

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NRS Skidguard Raft Frame - Closeout - Item #92012.01
…done. The no-fuss NRS Skidguard Raft Frame gives you a rowing station and passenger seating at a budget-friendly price. * Commonly used on smaller rafts for fishing and day-trips. * Two 1' wide Skidguard plywood seats form the heart of this traditional raft frame. * 3/4" marine-grade Skidguard…


On Sale: $237.15 $279.00

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NRS Frame 6" Oar Mount - Item #91040.02
Our most popular size, the NRS 6" Oar Mount comes stock on many of our raft and cataraft frames. Now in high-tech hot-forged aluminum for a stronger, lighter, sleeker mount. * Forging aligns the crystalline structure of the aluminum, creating a stronger oar mount. * This increased strength has…

$37.50 - $74.95

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NRS Otter 130 Fishing Package - Item #85014.01
The NRS Otter 130 Raft, with Fishing Frame, is combined in a great package that's excellent for fishing narrow streams and riding big water. Everything you need - just add fishermen. If you have questions about which boat package would best fit your needs or about substitutions, please call us. *…

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NRS LoPro Frame Fittings - Closeout - Item #91028.01
…the holes. * NRS frame parts that include LoPro Fittings are manufactured here by our skilled Frameshop craftsmen, using specialized lathes, jigs, hydraulic benders and drill presses. For best results we recommend that you only attempt assembling your own frame parts from frame pipe and LoPros if…


On Sale: $17.00 $19.95

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NRS Frame Side Rails with Plugs - Item #90040.01
Outstanding quality guaranteed. Why is an NRS frame the best? Size to fit ANY raft. Completely adjustable for ANY size rower. Fully customizable: any person can have a frame to meet their needs. LIFETIME warranty. Premium frames at a great price. Sold as a pair, or as a set of 4 for 107"-120"…


$50.00 - $174.00

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NRS Raft Fishing Frame - Closeout - Item #92013.01
The secret is out, rafts make great fishing boats! The Fishing Frame has a comfortable seat for the rower and puts the angler up high with the padded Angler Seat. Comes standard with a low back drain hole seat and seat bar, a folding Angler Seat and Angler Seat bar, foot bar, cross bar, two side…


On Sale: $573.75 $675.00

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NRS Bighorn I Raft Frame - Item #92001.02
…and 13' rafts. * The adjustable and adaptable NRS raft frame system lets you decide where you want to mount your cooler or dry box. * The Bighorn I Raft Frame Includes two 9' NRS straps and four strap slides for securing your cooler or dry box to the frame. * The heart of the NRS frame system, the…


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NRS Longhorn Raft Frame - Item #92010.02
A simple rowing frame for almost any size boat, the NRS Longhorn Raft Frame is equally suited for heavy whitewater or rowing to your favorite fishing hole. * The 50" frame length fits well on just about any size raft. * Combine this classic raft frame with a soft cooler and a dry bag or two, and…


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