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Raft Floor

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NRS Raft Cargo Platform - Item #81102.01
If you have a boat with a standard floor, the cargo platform is an excellent component to help keep your gear drier. Heavyweight mesh allows water to drain quickly while durable webbing beneath the platform provides strength for boats up to 18' long.


$49.95 - $64.95

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AIRE Force Air Floor Kayak - Item #87054.01
…Force Kayak is for you. Sleek design and rugged construction make this the ultimate in inflatable kayaks. * An innovative inflatable with an air floor and almost no rocker performs almost like a hard-shell kayak. * The Force includes thigh straps to enhance control while surfing, rolling and…



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NRS Outlaw I Inflatable Kayak - Item #86033.01
…ease. * The PVC-coated drop-stitch floor insert inflates rock hard for superior wave-punching performance. * The drop-stitch floor insert is removable for easy cleaning and repair. * The tubes and thwart seat inflated to 2.5 psi, combined with the floor insert with its rigid 8-10 psi air pressure,…



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NRS Pennel Orca Floor Material - 18x6 - Item #38007.01
Repair that old raft with NRS Black Pennel Orca®. 18"L x 6"W



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NRS Cat Cargo Floors - 72" Frames - Item #81103.01
…yoke-style cat frames. * Mesh floor section is 34" wide and either 4' or 6' long. When the floor is on the lower rails and stretched taut, the rails are 40.5" apart from their outside-to-outside. This floor will also fit the NRS Drop Side Rails, however, the floor ends up being a bit higher for…


$99.95 - $114.95

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NRS Otter Livery 106 Standard Floor Rafts - Item #85026.01
…perfect raft to introduce you to the sport of rafting - affordably. The Otter™ Livery brand is available in five sizes that will meet everyone's' needs for getting on the water, whether it be for a day of fishing or just hanging out with family and friends. Both the tubes and floor are built…



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NRS Twin Tube Cataraft Cargo Floor - Item #81105.01
…allow you to put more weight on the floor without sagging in the middle. * Sized to fit an 82" wide Twin Tube NRS cat frame with a 25" center-to-center measurement of the two lower rails. This floor will also fit the NRS Drop Side Rails, however, the floor ends up being a bit higher for your feet,…


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Tributary 13.0 Fishing Package - Item #87108.01
…stern allows this raft to punch waves easier than a raft with a larger bow and stern diameter. * The two-layer system with a bladder on the inside and the durable PVC outer skin make a great combination for air retention and abrasion resistance. * The piano hinge style of floor lacing makes this one…

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AIRE PVC Raft Floor Material - Item #38016.01
AIRE 43oz. PVC material used for the underside of raft tubes and the floor. Use Clifton Urethane Adhesive or Stabond™ to adhere to other PVC material. Sold by the running foot in a 70" wide roll.



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Beckson Thirsty-Mate Bilge Pump - Item #50030.01
Water always finds a way into a boat, and this pump makes it easy to remove. The Beckson Thirsty Mate is 24"long with a 24" hose for getting over the side of standard floor rafts.



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NRS Cataraft Frame Aluminum Floor - Item #93002.01
Heavy-duty diamond plate floor welded to 1 1/2" heavy wall square aluminum tubing for an indestructible platform. 66" and 72" refers to the overall frame width. See the Sizing Tab for actual floor dimensions. The 72" Floor is divided for shipping purposes. The 66" floor is not divided.

$425.00 - $495.00

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NRS Frame Casting Platform - Item #93040.02
…air floor. Be sure-footed on this solid marine-grade platform. Available in two sizes, small and large, to accommodate different boat sizes. The small casting platform is recommended for smaller rafts that would take a 54" wide frame or smaller. The larger size platform is recommended for rafts that…

$199.95 - $209.95

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