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Quick And Easy Clamps

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NRS Blast Inflator Pump - Item #80060.01

…is a small hole in the pump nozzle. It's there to prevent back pressure buildup that can cause the pump to overheat. * The electrical clamps allow quick and easy connection to your vehicle's battery. Never operate Blast with vehicle motor running - it can damage the pump due to a higher voltage…



Yakima 1A Raingutter Towers - Item #62586.01

…to a great rack. Easy and quick to install, these towers provide a solid platform for gear attachment. If you are looking for added clearance use the 3" taller HiRise towers. You can also convert your old Raingutter Towers into HiRises with the HiRise Spacers. * Built-in clamps grab raingutters to…


$50.00 - $175.00

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