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Pett Toilet

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Cleanwaste Portable Toilet System
Cleanwaste Portable Toilet System - Item #73004.01
…required, it setsup in seconds. * When set up it's the same height and bowl size as yourhousehold toilet, then folds up to briefcase size, 19" x14" x 5". * Ultra-sanitary, it uses WAG BAG® Toilet in aBag™ waste kits that gel waste, neutralize odors (noperfumes) and start the decay process.…

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Cleanwaste Poo Repair Deodorizer Spray
Cleanwaste Poo Repair Deodorizer Spray - Item #73008.01
Let Cleanwaste Poo Repair Deodorizer Spray kill that awful groover smell. This long-lasting treatment doesn't just mask odors, it eliminates them. Handy pump-action spray bottle is also great to have around the house for pet accidents and other noxious odors. * Poo Repair is people and pet friendly.…

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Cleanwaste WAG Bags
Cleanwaste WAG Bags - Item #73005.01
The Cleanwaste WAG Bag, Toilet in a Bag Waste Kit, is the key tothe Cleanwaste Dry Toilet System. The biodegradable bag containsa powder that gels waste, neutralizes odors and starts thedecay process. * Each WAG Bag kit contains an outer zip-close disposalbag, a waste collection bag preloaded with…

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$3.95 - $304.95

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