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Carlisle Economy Paddle
Carlisle Economy Paddle - Item #75004.01
This inexpensive, lightweight, sturdy paddle is great for rafting and canoeing. It features a 7.75" x 20.5" polypropylene blade and a 1" diameter aluminum shaft. A T-grip handle and 8" gripping area complete the package. Oversize shipping charges apply on 60" or greater sizes. Sizes: 48", 54", 60",…


On Sale: $15.96 $19.95

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Carlisle Magic Plus Paddle
Carlisle Magic Plus Paddle - Item #75009.01
Quality and performance at a great price. The Carlisle Magic Plus Touring Paddle is perfect for beginners, intermediates or anyone looking for a solid back-up paddle. * The fiberglass-filled polypropylene blades are lightweight and durable. * The blades are asymmetrical and slightly spoon shaped for…


On Sale: $79.96 $99.95

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Werner Sherpa Paddle - Bent 30 Degree
Werner Sherpa Paddle - Bent 30 Degree - Item #75679.01
…Werner Sherpa Paddle is an exceptionally smooth and responsive river running design. If you like paddling rivers and ripping up a wave or two, the Sherpa is a great choice. * 30 degree blade offset significantly reduces wind resistance on the forward stroke for more efficient paddling. * Werner's…

On Sale: $276.00 $345.00

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Werner Skagit CF Paddle
Werner Skagit CF Paddle - Item #75539.02
The Werner Skagit CF Paddle offers the lightest swing weight available in the recreation paddle category. It also features an advanced blade design for smooth, flutter-free strokes. * The Skagit is perfect for low-angle recreational paddlers seeking great performance at a great price. * Carbon…

On Sale: $144.00 $180.00

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Carlisle Outfitter Paddle
Carlisle Outfitter Paddle - Item #75010.01
Favored by commercial outfitters for its high strength-to-weight ratio, this 7.5" x 21.5" reinforced blade is fitted with a 1-1/8" aluminum shaft. The shaft is covered with high-density polyethylene to provide a grip that resists nicks, dents and oxidation, and gives a warmer feel than bare…


On Sale: $35.96 $44.95

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NRS PTR Kayak Paddle 45 Degree
NRS PTR Kayak Paddle 45 Degree - Item #77103.01
The NRS PTR paddle has high-impact ABS plastic blades and a high-strength, air-grade 7075 T6 aluminum shaft making this economical paddle tough enough for clinic use and rental programs. * A great one-piece paddle for beginning boaters. * 18" X 8" blade. * The extended lengths of 220, 230 and 240…


On Sale: $47.96 $59.95

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WindPaddle Cruiser Kayak Sail
WindPaddle Cruiser Kayak Sail - Item #50206.01
…in the center lets you see where you're going. * A continuous sheet (or steering line) allows the paddler to control the sail while holding their paddle for bracing and steering. * Coils flat so it's easy to stow in your canoe or under your kayak's rigging. * Super lightweight, so it won't weigh…

On Sale: $183.96 $229.95

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Werner Bandit Canoe Paddle
Werner Bandit Canoe Paddle - Item #75800.01
The Bandit is Werner's aggressive spooned canoe paddle for technical river runners and slalom canoeists. The spooned power face and sharp symmetrical blade have a powerful catch and immediate responsiveness. Fiberglass shaft with oval index adds comfort and control. Oversize shipping charges apply…


On Sale: $132.00 $165.00

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NRS PTK Kayak Paddle 45 Degree
NRS PTK Kayak Paddle 45 Degree - Item #77102.01
Asymmetrical blade design, indestructible construction. Like the other PT paddles, this whitewater kayak paddle is built using the toughest materials available. The blade design pulls smoothly through the water without excessive flutter, and the shaft is indexed for easy control. Available with…


On Sale: $51.96 $64.95

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Werner Luna Canoe Paddle
Werner Luna Canoe Paddle - Item #75857.01
With advanced design features of their high-end paddles, the Werner Luna Canoe Paddle gives you outstanding performance at an introductory-level price. * A spooned power face and sharp symmetrical design create an aggressive catch for a quick response. * The wide blade tip gives a quick, powerful…

On Sale: $100.00 $125.00

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Sawyer Glide Canoe Paddle
Sawyer Glide Canoe Paddle - Item #77150.01
…The great flex and feel of classic wood make this recreational canoe paddle an outstanding value. * The smooth pear grip fits comfortably in the hand. * The oval Douglas Fir shaft indexes naturally for excellent paddle control. * The laminated Ponderosa Pine, walnut and White Ash (blade edges)…


On Sale: $47.96 $59.95

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Werner Powerhouse Paddle 30 Degree
Werner Powerhouse Paddle 30 Degree - Item #75668.01
The Werner Powerhouse Paddle offers the power and responsiveness needed for big creeks and river running. Full-size blades are evenly balanced for a clean, powerful catch and a strong, smooth stroke. * 30 degree blade offset balances solid bracing with reduced wind resistance. * Premium fiberglass…


On Sale: $200.00 $250.00

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Showing 1 - 12 of 458