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Oversized Carabiner

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SMC Micro PMP Pulley
SMC Micro PMP Pulley - Item #45252.01
…while a unique sideplate formation allows the use of larger ropes in a compact pulley. An oversized bell-shaped top hole accepts 2 large rescue carabiners or multiple small carabiners and allows the carabiners to be rotated freely and completely even while closed. Solid sideplates help prevent…

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SMC Shuttle Tandem Rope Pulley
SMC Shuttle Tandem Rope Pulley - Item #45259.01
…under misaligned loads or with twisted gear as may occur with needle bearings. * Lightweight ergonomic design and multiple independent attachment points make this tandem pulley easy to carry and use. * Oversized top hole is designed for use with rescue carabiners. * Fits up to 1/2" (13mm) rope.

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SMC Rigging Plate
SMC Rigging Plate - Item #45255.01
…plus five oversized, ovalized holes that are each designed to handle up to two large rescue 'biners. Holes are individually numbered to make it quick and easy to organize connections. All edges on the SMC Rigging Plate have been contoured so that they are easy on rope, webbing, carabiners and other…

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