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Yakima MultiMounts - Item #62534.01
…paddles, oars, masts, pipe,and just about anything else up to 5" in diameter. Themounts secure to both round and square crossbars, and keeptheir cargo firmly attached yet easily accessible. * Slim design stays low to the crossbar, yet can handleup to three kayak paddles or two oars. * Hypalon®…



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NRS Superston Open Oarlocks - Item #77407.01
…fastener (included). They fit snugly in NRS Oar Mounts. * The horn opening is 1 5/8" with a 2 3/8" inside diameter. * Sold individually as well as in pairs, so be sure to order a spare. * Compare the measurements under the Specs tab to those of your oar shaft to ensure a good fit with these…


$42.50 - $84.95

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Plastic Oar Stoppers - Item #77406.01
If you are not using oar rights, plastic stoppers will position and keep your oars where you want them to be. Use large stoppers with Molded Oar Sleeves. Sold in pairs. Small: Mounts directly on small-diameter shafts 1 3/8" - 1 5/8" Regular: Mounts directly on Carlisle or Cataract shafts 1 7/8" - 2"…


$15.00 - $29.95

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Rubber Oar Stopper - Item #77405.01
The Rubber Oar Stopper keeps your oar shaft from slidingthrough the oarlock. Fits both Carlisle and Cataract oarshafts. * The 1" thick rubber stopper goes right over the oarshaft, not over the Molded Oar Sleeve. * The 1 5/8" inner diameter is a tight fit on the shaft.Use either soap and water or…


$5.95 - $11.95

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Extra 9" or 12" Oar Pin - Item #77421.01
Extra Pin for the Pin and Clip Setup. 9" Pin Assembly comes with rubber bumper on top, one 3 1/2" PVC bushing, two washers and a nut. 12" Pin Assembly comes with rubber bumper on top, one each 1", 2" and 3 1/2" PVC bushings, three washers and a nut.


$10.95 - $11.95

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USED NRS Raft Fishing Frame - No Seats, 6" Oar Mounts - Closeout - Item #89000.11
…Anchor System, Stripping Baskets and Scotty® rod and accessory holders. * Use at least four NRS Straps to secure the frame to your boat. * Components: Side Rails, Seat Bar, Foot Bar, Angler Seat Bar, Cross Bar, and 6" Oar Mounts. Please purchase a Padded Raft Seat and Angler Swivel Seat…

On Sale: $360.55 $515.10

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NRS Skidguard Raft Frame - Closeout - Item #92012.01
…Swivel Seats, Scotty® rod holders and other accessories. * Curved ends on the side rails let you attach accessories like Thigh Bars or a Stern Seat Mount. * Use at least four NRS Tie-Down Straps to secure the frame to your boat. * Components: Side Rails, two Skidguard Seats and 6" Oar Mounts.


On Sale: $237.15 $279.00

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NRS Raft Fishing Frame - Item #92013.02
…Stripping Baskets and Scotty® rod and accessory holders. * The heart of the NRS frame system, the LoPro™ Fitting allows complete adjustability for all frame parts. Now made in stronger, lighter hot-forged aluminum alloy. * NRS Oar Mounts are lighter, sleeker and stronger than ever with…


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