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NRS Otter 142 Fishing Package - Item #85017.01
…This package comes with an NRS Raft Fishing frame and all the bells and whistles. If you have questions about which boat package would best fit your needs or about substitutions, please call us. * The Otter 142 is a versatile design that works perfectly for any fishing excursion or multi-day trip…

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NRS Otter 130 Fishing Package - Item #85014.01
The NRS Otter 130 Raft, with Fishing Frame, is combined in a great package that's excellent for fishing narrow streams and riding big water. Everything you need - just add fishermen. If you have questions about which boat package would best fit your needs or about substitutions, please call us. *…

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Tributary 13.0 Fishing Package - Item #87108.01
The Tributary Fishing Package gives you lots of bang for your buck. The 13' Tributary, decked out with the NRS Raft Fishing Frame, is perfect for fishing or those weekend trips we all love so much. If you have questions about which boat package would best fit your needs or about substitutions,…

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NRS Raft Fishing Frame - Closeout - Item #92013.01
The secret is out, rafts make great fishing boats! The Fishing Frame has a comfortable seat for the rower and puts the angler up high with the padded Angler Seat. Comes standard with a low back drain hole seat and seat bar, a folding Angler Seat and Angler Seat bar, foot bar, cross bar, two side…


On Sale: $573.75 $675.00

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NRS Universal Frame - 66"W x 120"L - Closeout - Item #92065.01
…Outfitter, Longhorn-type raft frames. By adding some components you can also make a Fishing Frame. * The adjustable foot pegs on the Deluxe Footbar position your feet for superior bracing and control. * At 108 pounds, this is the lightest of our cataraft frames. * Universal Frame comes with: (2)…

On Sale: $879.75 $1035.00

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AIRE Lion 14' Cataraft - Item #87023.01
…* With 25.5 Inch tubes the Lion 14 was designed to carry lots of gear for use on a variety of waters * At 14 feet, this boat is great for the smaller, tighter rivers where length of boat is a factor. * Four air chambers are an added safety feature in emergency situations. Frames sold separately


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NRS 16' River Cataraft - Item #85215.01
Whether you're pursuing trophy fish, the perfect campsite or whitewater adventure, the16' NRS River Cat™ delivers. With legendary cargo capacity and performance, this is your ticket to life on the river. * NRS "cats" are designed for extraordinary performance, agility and stability, whether…



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NRS E-130 Self-Bailing Rafts - Item #85039.01
The bombproof, compact NRS E-130 raft works great for small paddle crews, rowing frames, or our NRS Fishing Frame. An extra foot in length over the 120 allows for additional paddlers or more gear. * With 18" tubes and a 6'2"' width, the E-130 is quick and agile without sacrificing stability. * Will…


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USED NRS Raft Fishing Frame - No Seats, 6" Oar Mounts - Closeout - Item #89000.11
…out, rafts make great fishing boats! The NRS Raft Fishing Frame uses a comfortable seat for the rower and puts the angler up high with a padded Angler Swivel Seat. * This frame turns your raft into a fishing machine. The fully adjustable and adaptable NRS frame system lets you customize your Fishing

On Sale: $360.55 $515.10

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NRS E-142 Self-Bailing Rafts - Item #85049.01
…14' NRS E-142. With big tubes and a sleek profile, this boat thrives on tight rivers, low water and technical rapids. * 20" tubes and a 6'6" width keep the E-142 floating high and maunevering swiftly whether you're pursuing world-class trout fishing or Class IV whitewater. * Add an NRS Fishing Frame



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NRS E-136 Self-Bailing Rafts - Item #85040.01
…Leafield A6 Pressure Relief Valve protects the floor. * The NRS BAT™ (Batten Attachment Thwart system) lets you easlily add or remove thwarts to accommodate paddlers or a rowing frame. * Built outfitter tough, this may be the last raft the private boater will ever need to buy. * 10-year retail…



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NRS Otter 120 Self-Bailing Rafts - Item #85010.01
The 12' NRS Otter 120 works hard and plays hard. Equipped with an NRS fishing frame, it makes a great small-river fishing boat. Loaded with thrill seekers, it's the perfect compact paddle raft. * NRS Otter Series Rafts provide outfitter-grade performance that the private boater can afford. * 17"…



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