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Nrs Bill's Bag

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Informational: The Bill's Dry Bag

The Bill's Dry Bag The story from NRS's Founder, Bill Parks, the name behind the bag. Early in the days of supplying whitewater boating gear out of my garage, it was evident that boaters needed dry storage for their multi-day trips. At that time military surplus bags were available for about five…

Informational: Dry Bag Closure Instructions

Dry Bag Closure Instructions NRS Ricksack, Dri-Stow, Tuff Sack, Bill's Bag, Outfitter bag and System 5 Bag Step 1: * Fill the bag half full and no more than 3/4 full. * Purge excess air from bag. Step 2: * Pinch clear vinyl top together. * Dog-ear clear vinyl edges. Step 3: * Fold vinyl and PVC down…

Informational: How to Seal an NRS Dry Bag

…used on the Bill's Bag, Outfitter Bag, System 5 Bag, Expedition DriDuffel, Day Pack, Access Duffel, Tuff Sack, Ricksack and Dri-Stow Bag. It also protects and backs up the waterproof zip seal on the HydroLock™ Dry Bags. Items mentioned in this article: Bags & Boxes"> Rafting > Bags & Boxes NRS

Informational: NRS Side Rail Racks

…placement of the Oar Mounts. © Ashley Niles Boat Often, Boat Safe and Enjoy the Heck Out of Life! Clyde e-News Editor Items mentioned in this article: NRS Unbendable Pipe 1-5/8" Anodized NRS Side Rail Racks NRS LoPro Frame Fittings Bags & Boxes > Dry Boxes"> Rafting > Bags & Boxes > Dry Boxes

Informational: New Technology for NRS Frame Parts

NRS Frame Parts NRS’s history is a story of continuous innovation; we’re not content with the status quo. Even classic products like the Bill’s Bag and 1" HD Tie-Down Straps have kept evolving, getting better and better. NRS Sport Cat Frame with new LoPros and Oar Mounts. The NRS

Informational: Clyde's Grand Canyon Blog: Personal Gear List

…Lots of sunscreen * “Chapstick” w/ sunscreen * A small dry bag to keep things in you want to get to during the day * We’ll have some larger dry bags but if you want to have your own, you should be able to get your personal gear in something the size of the NRS 3.8 Bill’s Bag.

Informational: About NRS: Drawn to Water, Our Company

Bill is still running rivers and still working to help others pursue their passions on the water. And the nearly 100 employee-owners at NRS are committed to the same singular vision. What draws us to water is what drives us every day. NRS founder and President Bill Parks Taking Ownership As Bill

Informational: Outfitting Your Touring Kayak

…Whitewater Kayaking > Whitewater Safety > Knives NRS Bungee Paddle Leash NRS Kayak Tow Line Bags & Boxes"> Rafting > Bags & Boxes Sprayskirts & Covers"> Kayak Touring > Sprayskirts & Covers Brunton 58 Kayak Compass NRS Kayak Bilge Pump NRS Deluxe Boat Sponge Screw Mounted Tie-Down Kit - Closeout…

Informational: Riding the Flood

…this article: Whitewater Safety > Helmets"> Whitewater Kayaking > Whitewater Safety > Helmets Life Jackets SOL Escape Bivvy Sack Whitewater Safety > Medical Kits"> Whitewater Kayaking > Whitewater Safety > Medical Kits NRS Kayak Un-Pin Kit NRS Z-Drag Kit with Purest Duffel Bag ACR ResQLink PLB-375

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