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NRS 1" Loop Straps - Item #60005.01
…tie-down point with NRS Loop Straps. Both ends stay in place when you loosen the strap, so you can remove and replace gear without having to re-rig. * These tie-down straps are a two-piece system. Each piece has a loop at one end. * Simply thread each end through its loop around your raft frame,…


$5.95 - $6.80

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NRS Adjustable Cooler Mounts - Item #92999.01
…the cooler rigidly in place, preventing it from swiveling. Especially good if you're rowing from it. * When you're using this system in a raft, it lets you keep those heavy items away from the floor, helping to prevent damage. * Comes with a pair of 6' NRS Loop Straps, for cinching down the lid.



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Navisafe Navi Light Sport - Item #50110.01
…* The comfortable, floating neoprene armband features reflective material for enhanced visibility. * The Navi Light Sport secures to the armband and other mounts with a simple hook-and-loop system. * Optional mounts include Clip Holder, Velcro Straps, Small Armband and Double Magnetic Holder.



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NRS Frame Dry Box Mount - Item #92998.01
…bar with the NRS HD Tie Down Strap webbing that laces through the aluminum pieces, allowing adjustment for dry box width. * The aluminum support pieces are bent at a 90 degree angle for a supportive fit to the bottom corners of the dry box. * A pair of NRS 6' Loop Straps are included for holding the…



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ENO SlackWire Slackline - Item #70221.01
…feet between anchors. * All you need is two strong trees, poles or other anchor points and you're ready to show off your skills. * No tying knots! Loops at the ends make the SlackWire easy to cinch around anchors. * Slacklining is fun and challenging, and it's a great core workout too. * Next time…



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NRS PFD Leg Straps - Item #40017.01
…* Adjustable straps fit people of all ages and sizes. * Leg Straps fit in loops on NRS Big Water V Adult and Youth, NRS Big Water Guide and NRS Rapid Rescuer PFDs. They may also fit other life jackets with strap loops or sleeves specifically designed for the attachment of leg straps. * We do not…



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Yakima Trunk Mount Security Strap - Item #62509.01
…inexpensive, steel-reinforced Trunk Mount Security Strap lets you secure your trunk rack to your vehicle, much to the chagrin of any would-be rack thieves in your vicinity. * Run the strap around your rack, thread the hatch hook through the loop at the end and put the toggle inside your trunk,…


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NRS Wetsuit Shoulder Extensions - Item #17270.01
…black plastic snaps and with the rough (hook) portion on the chest panel and fuzzy (loop) portion on the shoulder snap. New Style: 2219.3 Wetsuits with black plastic snaps and with the fuzzy (loop) portion on chest and rough (hook) portion on the shoulder straps. - 1999 and after have black snaps.



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ENO Atlas Hammock Suspension Straps - Item #71603.01
…Suspension Straps support up to 400 pounds and give you 30 different adjustment points for a perfect hang every time. * The straps are made with a rugged poly-filament webbing that can safely support up to 400 pounds of weight. * Each of the straps has a series of overlapping loops for a wide range…



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NRS Oar Tethers - Item #77431.01
…back in place in time to avert disaster. * Put one metal ring underneath the oarlock or pin. Or slide the ring under the frame side rail and loop the strap through it to secure it to the frame. * Detach the blade from your oar and slide the other metal ring onto the oar shaft. * The NRS Cam Buckle…



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NRS Frame Stripping Basket - Item #84100.01
The NRS Fishing Frame Stripping Basket integrates with the NRS Thigh Hooks and NRS "Y" Thigh Bar. Now you can strip line while fly fishing without having excess line pile up at your feet. * Large size makes it easy to "spaghetti" coil stripped line in the basket. * Rugged construction and…



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NRS Quick Release SUP Leash - Item #50008.02
…to a calf strap for use in surf. It's two leashes in one! * The lightweight coiled leash stretches to allow full freedom of movement while staying out of your way when you're in the action. * The relaxed coil is only 20" long but extends to 11 1/2' (138"). * 2" wide padded calf strap provides…


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