Lite Propane Tank 10lb

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Primus Propane Distribution Stand - Item #70961.02
…parts together and helps them stay clean. * Use one, two or all three pieces to custom fit your set up. * Fit's only refillable propane bottles, not the smaller disposable ones. Note: This Stand will work on metal refillable propane bottles, but WILL NOT work on the fiberglass Lite Propane Tanks.



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ECO-Safe Spare Tank - Item #73052.01
Get a spare tank for your ECO-Safe Toilet System. The crushproof plastic tank is good for 50 uses and is easily cleaned and reused. * The rotomolded plastic tank is crushproof. It has rounded corners for easy cleaning. * The tank inner dimensions are 16.5" x 7" x 11" Tall. It holds 5 gallons, good…


On Sale: $103.95 $129.95

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Lite My Fire Sporks - Item #71308.01
The Light My Fire Original Sporks (spoon-fork-knife combo) brings a bit of civilization to the wild and a bit of the wild to civilization. The Spork is perfect for boating, camping or use around the office. * Call it a spork, call it a foon, call it a sporkn but with its integrated spoon, fork and…


On Sale: $8.40 $10.50

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Brunton Lite-Tech 10x32 Mid-sized Binoculars - Item #71751.01
Mid-sized - maximum performance. The Brunton Lite-Tech™ Binoculars give you crisp, clear optics and the waterproof durability you need for your outdoor adventures. * 10-power magnification brings distant object in close. * All lens surfaces are fully coated for flawless light transmission. *…



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Woodland Power Stove - Item #70959.01
…store and it'ssuper sturdy when assembled. * The high-quality propane regulator lets you adjust theflame from a simmering 5,000 to a blazing 65,000BTU/hour. * UL listed regulator comes with a 48" hose and attachesto bulk propane tanks. * Entire unit weighs only 5-1/2 pounds and compactlystores in…



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Primus FireHole 200 Stove - Item #70977.01
…the Primus FireHole™ 200 Stove brings smiles to the outdoor cook. Very powerful, plus easy to use and maintain. * Runs on clean, convenient propane fuel. * Two burners kick out 12,000 BTUs each, boiling a quart of water in just three minutes. * Stainless steel grate holds up to heavy pots and…


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Primus FireHole 300 Stove - Item #70976.01
…set. Stainless steel, easy to clean and it looks cool too!. * Two burners kick out 12,000 BTUs each, boiling a quart of water in three minutes. * Propane fuel line clips to the bottom of the stove so you never leave it at home. * The included utensil set attaches to the stove lid via magnets and…


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Heavy-duty Water Container Replacement Cap - Item #70857.01
Caps get lost or broken in the strangest ways and always at the worst time. Carry a spare or replace the one you lost.


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Heavy-duty 5 Gallon Water Container - Item #70856.01
No matter where you are or what you're doing, fresh, cleanwater is always a necessity. These water containers arejust the ticket, lightweight and super tough so you'll havewater wherever you go. * With a capacity of 5.3 U.S. gallons (20 liters), these cans featurea single carrying handle and screw…


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USED NRS PackRaft - Closeout - Item #87500.09
Explore the backcountry or your favorite fishing hole in the NRS PackRaft. This stable, lightweight boat is made of tough, polyurethane-coated nylon for uncompromising durability. Packable, safe and fun! * This light water craft fits into a space 18" x 15" x 5", making it easy to throw in a pack,…

On Sale: $460.00 $575.00

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ECO-Safe Toilet System - Item #73050.01
…plastic tank is good for 50 uses at one time. Meets BLM, NPS and USFS requirements. The 1998 Mt. Everest Cleanup Project chose the ECO-Safe Toilet for use on their expedition. * The system includes one tank, seat assembly, 3" cleanout hose and washout hose adapter. * The rotomolded plastic tank is…


On Sale: $164.00 $205.00

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Primus Profile Stove - Item #70964.02
Take your campsite to the next level with the Profile Two-Burner Range from Primus. Use it with disposable propane fuel canisters. Slim, sleek and rugged, your neighbors will be envious. * At 11.7 lbs the steel construction is light weight and will withstand the march of time. * Camping is hungry…


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There were no documents that contained all of the words in your query. These results contain some of the words.
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