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Bungee Cord - Item #45007.01
Add or replace existing kayak deck rigging with this bungee cord. Sold by the foot with three sizes to choose from. Sold by the foot or in spools of 500'.


$0.25 - $175.00

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Prusik Cord - Item #45011.01
…diameter of the rope you are using. 7 mm (0.275 in.) Prusik Cord (2,788 lb. tensile strength) 6 mm (0.236 in.) Prusik Cord (1,978 lb. tensile strength) 5 mm (0.197 in.) Prusik Cord (1,169 lb. tensile strength) 4 mm (0.157in.) Accessory Cord (1,034 lb. tensile strength) Great for kayak deck lines 3…


$0.20 - $132.00

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NRS Compact Rasta Rescue Throw Bag - Item #45115.01
…as kayak cockpits while performing much like a standard size throw bag. * Rugged Cordura® bag has bands of red, yellow and green that are highly visible in varying water colors and conditions. * The 1/4" polypropylene rope also has red, yellow and green woven into it for visibility. * The rope


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NRS Kayak Deck Rigging Kit - Item #50105.01
Whether you are building your own masterpiece or just re-outfitting an old kayak, the NRS Deck Rigging Kit has everything you need to add rigging to your kayak or canoe. Its perfect for lashing down deck bags, securing water bottles and any other necessity you want to keep close at hand. * Easy to…



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NRS Pro Compact Rescue Throw Bag - Item #45101.01
…or canoe thwarts with quick-release 1" straps. * Internal flotation and floating rescue rope keeps our rescue bags on top of the water where it's needed. * The mesh panel gives good drainage and reduced rope dry time. * Barrel-lock drawstring incorporated in a flared nylon top for smoother throws,…



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NRS Compact Rescue Throw Bag - Item #45100.01
…swiftwater emergency work. Its compact shape and light weight are perfect for kayakers. * 2" mesh panel for better drainage and reduced dry time. * The 70' of 1/4" polypropylene rope is yellow for high visibility. * The rope has a 950 pound tensile strength and it floats for good visibility on the…



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NRS Wedge Rescue Throw Bag - Item #45105.01
…it afloat for safety and visibility. * Mesh sides on the bag give drainage and quick drying for the rope. * Bright colors and reflective tape make the bag highly visible for the rescuer and rescuee. * Max Load: 950 lbs. (Maximum load indicated is for the rope alone knots may reduce weight capacity)



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NRS Pro Kayak Tow Line - Item #50003.01
…55' of floating polypropylene rope attached to a heavy-duty plastic carabiner. * This polypropylene rope is slightly stretchy and serves as a shock absorber when towing. This model does not have a section of bungee cord in the line. Please choose the NRS Kayak Tow Line if you prefer a bungee…



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NRS Pro Guardian Waist Throw Bag - Item #45108.01
…Bag is always there when you need it. * Features an internal throw rope in an inner bag that pullscompletely free from the waist belt for a smooth safety toss. * Pro model includes 55 feet of extra-strong 1/4"Dyneema® rope, with a maximum tensile strength of2,495 pounds. * The Guardian clips…



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NRS Captain Rescue Knife - Item #47307.01
…Features a rope cutting hook at the tip and a quick-slicing serrated edge. * Unique design includes an efficient rope-cutting hook at the knife's blunt tip. A skilled hand can safely slip the hook under a rope pinned to a person's body. * Super sharp serrated edge easily slices through rope and…



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Yakima Kayak Stacker - Item #62545.01
…it.Arrow-shaped tops ensure your straps or ropes are heldtight. Ideal for any plastic kayaks. (Be sure to check thecargo load limit of your car first!) * Non-scratch coated steel is heavy duty but won'tscratch your boats. * Arrow tops keep straps and rope from slidingoff. * Mounts to square or round…



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Rope Bag - Item #45109.01
…urethane-coated nylon provides excellent protection for this bag's contents. Holds 150' of .5" rope. Webbing loop at the entrance to the bag helps keep a wide opening when stuffing rope. Handle on the bottom makes transporting easier. Draw cord closure keeps rope in and dirt out. Rope not included.

$24.95 - $34.95

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