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Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

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NRS Tyrant 4 Inflatable SUP Board - Closeout - Item #86105.01
…unrivaled by other inflatables. * Inflatable construction makes it oh so easy to transport and store this high-performance board. No need for a roof rack! * 4" thick PVC drop-stitch inflates to 15 psi air pressure for a rigid, no-flex ride that responds to your every paddle stroke and body movement.…


On Sale: $795.00 $995.00

NRS Earl 6 Inflatable SUP Board - Closeout - Item #86098.01
paddle board for fitness paddling, touring, river running and light surfing. * With 280 liters of air volume, the 6-inch-thick Earl 6 provides optimal performance and stability for paddlers up to 235 pounds. * Inflates to a rock-hard 15 psi for performance that rivals a hard board, then rolls up


On Sale: $950.00 $1195.00

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NRS Women's Valencia Inflatable SUP Board - Closeout - Item #86115.01
…performance and stability for paddlers up to 195 pounds. * Inflates to a rock-hard 15 psi for performance that rivals a hard board, then rolls up compactly when deflated for easy transport and storage. * Three removable, interchangeable fins let you customize your board for tracking and turning to…


On Sale: $795.00 $995.00

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Bravo High-Pressure 12 Volt Pump - Item #80027.01
The Bravo BTP 12 High-Pressure Pump is the perfect solution for quickly inflating your raft, cataraft, IK or SUP board. Hook it up to a 12 volt battery and it puts out up to 15 psi air pressure. * Inflate and deflate quickly with this powerful 12 volt pump. * It's easy to know exactly what pressure…



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Werner Stinger 2 Piece Adjustable Stand Up Paddle - Item #75889.01
Designed specifically for whitewater SUP, the Werner Stinger Adjustable Stand Up Paddle's reverse-teardrop blade gives you the perfect combination of power and control for river running. * This is the first SUP paddle specially designed for river running. * The narrow blade tip gives a soft catch…


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GoPro Camera Surf Mounts - Item #71844.01
…adhesive on the mounts holds tight in wet, difficult conditions. * FCS is a manufacturer of surf hardware and accessories and their fin sockets are found on many composite surf and SUP boards. * Includes: 2 Surfboard Mounts, 2 Adhesive Anchors, 2 Camera Tethers, 1 FCS Male Plug Mount, 1 Locking Plug


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NRS Coil SUP Leash - Item #50009.02
The NRS SUP Board Leash features a tightly coiled line that stays out of your way when you don't need it. Great for flatwater stand up paddling. * The lightweight coiled leash stretches to allow full freedom of movement while staying out of your way when you're in the action. * The relaxed coil is…



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K-Pump 20 HP - Item #80083.01
boards and other smaller drop-stitch crafts that require high inflation pressure for best performance. * The high-volume mode lets you quickly bring your board up to shape, easily reaching 6 psi. * Then, with a simple twist of the wrist you switch to the high pressure mode, where you can achieve up



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NRS Mechanical Pressure Gauge - Item #80007.02
…gauge helps you keep your boat inflated to the optimal pressure. * Avoid costly blowouts by regularly checking your raft, cataraft, inflatable kayak, SUP board's air pressure to prevent over-inflation. * The 0-20 psi capacity covers the widest range of inflatable craft. * Gauge fits Leafield and…



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Carlisle Taboo Kayak & Stand Up Paddle - Item #75012.01
…* Also includes a second blade which allows you to easily convert the stand up paddle into a 230-cm kayak paddle. * 230-cm kayak paddle is a good all-around length for sit-on-top kayaks, touring kayaks and inflatable kayaks. * Stand up or sit down and paddle, the Taboo SUP paddle helps you do both.



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NRS PVC SUP Board D-Ring Patch - Item #86107.01
Add extra tiedown points to your inflatable SUP board or other PVC-coated boat or gear with these NRS PVC D-Ring Patches. Multiple size patches to choose from. * Built super tough with multiple layers of PVC-coated material securing the stainless steel D-ring. * This material is then welded to a PVC…

$7.95 - $11.95

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WindPaddle Makani SUP Sail - Item #50213.01
Clip the WindPaddle Makani SUP Sail to your stand up paddle board and let the power of the wind transport you to your destination. Folds compactly to store on your deck when not in use. * Simply clip the WindHarness rigging clips to a bungee or deck line for rigging the sail to your SUP. * This…



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