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Inflatable Kayak Valve

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NRS Wonder Pump HP - Item #80015.02
…and economical NRS Wonder Pump HP makes a great top-off pump for your raft or inflatable kayak. It's also a great pump for higher pressure inflatables. * Built-in pressure gauge takes the guesswork out of inflating your boat or board. * The aluminum shaft, sturdy handle and tough polypropylene…



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Tributary Tomcat Solo Inflatable Kayak - Item #87120.02
…rugged vinyl AIREcell inner bladder. * Three chamber hull design for safety. * The inflatable thwart seat provides great back support and can be located where you want it. * High-quality Summit II valves make inflation and deflation easy. * Self-bailing floor quickly drains away water. * 12 pairs of…



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Summit 1 Valve Adapter - Item #38537.01
Summit 1 Valve Adapter for AIRE Tributary Kayaks.



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Summit 2 Valve for AIRE Tributary - Item #38540.01
Replacement two-piece, one way valve for AIRE Tomcats, Strikes, and Tributary Rafts. The Summit 2 Valve has a blue ring inside to distinguish it from the older model. It does not have the valve stem bridge that requires a separate adapter. Used in Tomcat IKs 2005 - Present Used in Strike IKs 2007 -…



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NRS MaverIK I Inflatable Kayak - Item #86015.01
The boat that redefined "ducky." The NRS MaverIK I Inflatable Kayak fits in the trunk of your car, inflates in just minutes and is so burly that it's run the Grand Canyon. A hit with beginners and experts alike. * Heavy-duty Pennel Orca® material is super abrasion, chemical and UV-resistant for…



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NRS Outlaw I Inflatable Kayak - Item #86033.01
inflates rock hard for superior wave-punching performance. * The drop-stitch floor insert is removable for easy cleaning and repair. * The tubes and thwart seat inflated to 2.5 psi, combined with the floor insert with its rigid 8-10 psi air pressure, create an exceptionally high-performance kayak. *…



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Halkey-Roberts Metal Valve Wrench Tool - Item #38547.01
Valve Wrench provides easy and reliable removal and installation of Halkey-Roberts inflatable boat valves. * Aluminum construction is extremely durable and doesn't rust, so this wrench won't break or wear out. * If your raft, inflatable kayak or cataraft uses Halkey-Roberts inflation valves, you…



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NRS MaverIK II Inflatable Kayak - Item #86019.01
…leave that coffee can at home. * The inflatable thwart seats are glued in for reliable, stable comfort. * Trouble-free Leafield™ C7 Valves ensure easy inflation/deflation of the tubes, thwarts and floor, and the Leafield A6 Pressure Relief Valve protects the floor. * 10-year retail warranty,…



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Summit 1 Valve for AIRE Tributary - Item #38536.01
Two-piece, one way valve used on AIRE Tributary Inflatable Kayaks. Used in Tomcat IKs 2003 - 2004. Used in Strike IKs 2004 - 2006.



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NRS Mechanical Pressure Gauge - Item #80007.02
…cataraft, inflatable kayak, SUP board's air pressure to prevent over-inflation. * The 0-20 psi capacity covers the widest range of inflatable craft. * Gauge fits Leafield and military-style valves. * Screw in gauge tip adjusts for best valve plunger depression. * Gauge tip must be in the valve for…



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NRS Rascal Inflatable Kayak - Item #86030.02
…and UV-resistant for unmatched durability. * We use top-quality Leafield valves; C7 Fill Valves and an A7 Pressure Relief Valve to protect the floor. These are the best, most reliable valves available today. * The inflatable thwart seat is glued in for dependable, stable comfort. * This tough little…


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AIRE Lynx I Inflatable Kayak - Item #87050.02
…you need it in the boat. * 12 pairs of cargo loops, divided between the front and back of the kayak, give lots of options for tying in gear. * Rugged Leafield B7 Valves provide trouble-free inflation and deflation. * The Lynx gives beginners confidence to learn to navigate the river and experts…


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