Hydrosilk Pants

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Informational: Clyde's Grand Canyon Blog: Personal Gear List
…UPF rating), the weave blocks out UV rays. NRS HydroSilk is and example. Synthetic fabrics dry quickly, cotton more slowly. * Shorts/swimwear – 2-3 pair – pockets are nice, belt loops if you carry a belt knife, Leatherman, etc. * Long pants – 2-3 pair – to shield from the sun…

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Informational: “Living” With Kids on Boating Trips
…selection of gear designed and sized for kids. Base layers, splash jackets and pants, neoprene layers, gloves and footwear that fit and are comfortable will help keep them protected and happy. Our Youth HydroSilk shirts are excellent for keeping the sun away from sensitive skin. The UPF 50+…

Informational: Two River Bag Boogie
…answered prayer, the rain stopped. I popped out of my puddle, peed and got dressed. I’d gone to bed in a HydroSilk Shirt and WaveLite Pants. Over them I pulled on a pair of HydroSkin Pants and a HydroSkin Shirt, then a pair of Black Rock Drypants and a Na Pali Jacket. Ah, warm and protected.…

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