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Down River Hand Wash Station - Item #71208.01

…steel filter screen that keeps large debris out and the tip of the hose submerged. * Easy to set up and take down, a Hand Wash Station (or two) belongs on every river trip. * Buckets not included with the Hand Wash, but are readily available at your local hardware or building supply stores.


Gear Aid ReviveX Pro Cleaner - Item #33510.02

…Wash-In Waterproofing. * Common detergents and washing soap can damage the water-repellent qualities of technical fabrics. Pro Cleaner is specially formulated for the job. * Pro Cleaner is easy to use. Complete instructions for both hand and machine washing are right on the label. * Important Note:…


Kavu Synthetic Strapcap Hat - Item #13058.01

…* Plastic core visor stays rigid and keeps your hat afloat if you drop it overboard. * The black underbill will help prevent unwanted glare. * Easily adjust the hat size with the Kavu strap system. * Ultra low-profile with 4 panel design. * Hand wash and air-dry out of sunlight to prevent fading.


On Sale: $22.50 $30.00

NRS Fishing Towel - Item #60025.01

…angler's answer to not wiping guts on their pants or waders. Whether you're working with live bait, covered in fish slime, or simply need to dry your hands to get your buddies big catch on record, this combed-cotton towel can handle the mess. * The combed Turkish cotton is super absorbent and soft…


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