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Informational: Boating Safety's Five Golden Rules
…on you. You can also pack a small dry bag in the boat with things like some warm clothes, high-energy snacks, headlamp and some lightweight rope. Follow the Five Golden Rules, and you’ll go a long way toward the goal having fun on the water, while doing it safely. Boat Often, Boat Safe!

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Informational: Yoga for Boaters' Shoulder Pain
…healthy movement and range of motion for your body. You may experience some stretching while performing the poses, but stretching isn’t the goal. The goal is to gain a healthy range of motion for boating. Take a few minutes now to think about paddling. Envision yourself in your boat. From the…

Informational: How to Choose the Perfect SUP Paddle
…to tell you folks that investing in the best paddle you can afford is super important. Every stand up paddler is unique, but we all share a common goal - paddling as efficiently as possible so we can spend more time on the water. Nicer paddles mean lighter swing weights and stiffer blades. These…

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Informational: Clifton Hypalon Adhesive Gluing Instructions
…the damaged surface with a pencil. * Using fine sandpaper or a rasp, lightly buff the areas to be glued, including the back side of the patch. The goal is merely to remove the surface glaze of the material, without removing excess coating. DO NOT buff down to the threads of the material. * Clean the…

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Informational: Tips for Outdoor Fun
…eddy. Turn it upside down, then have two people climb up and stand on it. Now you have the river-rat equivalent of logrolling or birling. The goal is to outfox the other person with your movements and dump them in the water first." Laura, Retail Sales Manager (and self-confessed caffeine "addict")…

Informational: Cold Water Protection and Hypothermia
…polypropylene. In milder weather, a water-proof shell top or paddle jacket can be combined with pile clothing or a wetsuit for comfort. The first goal is to protect the torso, which shelters the "core" of the body. The greatest heat loss occurs in the armpits and crotch. Next, pay special attention…

Informational: Hypalon Repair Instruction
…patch. The fabric should look like a dulled version of the normal boat surface. DO NOT buff down to the point where the threads are visible. The goal here is to remove the surface glaze of the fabric, without removing excess coating. Step 4: Clean the buffed surfaces with a lint-free towel and…

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Informational: Rafting Put-in Safety Talk
…times before, we recommend a complete run-through for everyone. Much of the info you need to cover is serious, but some humor can be used. The goal is to prepare trip members for emergencies that can occur, not to traumatize them! On the water safety: * The best policy is to wear your life jacket…

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Informational: When the PFD Fits... Wear It!
…Emily has finished her porridge and is ready to lend a hand. Different models of PFDs have different systems for entry and adjustment, but the goal is always the same – a snug secure fit. It’s best to start with adjustment points loose, and then tighten them sequentially to ensure…

Informational: How to Choose Your First Raft or Cataraft
…selection, is just full of compromises. That’s why you see some of us boating addicts with a “quiver” of different boats. Your goal is to pick a boat that is excellent for your most important use(s) and, hopefully, adequate for more secondary ones. (Editor’s Note: Since my…

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Informational: How to Choose a Touring Paddle
…kayaks. * What if you can’t decide? What kind of paddling do you envision doing most? Look at the boat you’re paddling and your goals in the sport, and then buy the blade that works best for that application. Remember, the proper blade shape is going to offer you maximum performance…

Informational: How to Choose a Whitewater Paddle
…enjoying your time on the water with your family and friends is your ultimate goal, with no set agenda, we say play the percentages. What kind of paddling do you envision doing most? Take a look at your kayaking goals, then buy the blade that works best for that application. Remember, the proper…

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