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Express Stove

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Primus Express Stove - Item #70965.02
A minimalist stove with maximum durability. The Primus Express is small enough to fit in any backpack or boat, and yet burly enough to quickly heat up large pots full of water or chow. * This stove weighs in at less than 3 ounces and will boil water in about 3 minutes. * Power Fuel cartridge system…


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Primus Express Lander Stove - Item #70966.02
The Primus Express Lander Stove isn't just easy on the eyes; it's also a snap to operate. Lighter, hotter and sturdier, the lander takes the title for the best liquid fuel buy in backpacking. * Steel and aluminum construction is lightweight and can take whatever you throw at it. * At 6.2 oz and 5200…


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