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AIRE Jaguarundi Cataraft
AIRE Jaguarundi Cataraft - Item #87025.01
The newly redesigned Jaguarundi cataraft offers excellent maneuverability. With great agility, and a large carrying capacity, the Jaguarundi is the most versatile cat in the AIRE fleet. * The Jaguarundi's speed, tracking and maneuverability have been improved by increasing the bow and stern rise. *…

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AIRE Ocelot Cataraft
AIRE Ocelot Cataraft - Item #87022.01
A 14 foot boat with lots of play. One of AIRE's most popular models has been newly redesigned with continuous-curved bow and stern. Great cat for two people and gear.Whether you're looking for optimum speed and performance or maximum cargo capacity, AIRE has a cataraft that will do the trick. *…



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NRS 18' Kodiak Cataraft
NRS 18' Kodiak Cataraft - Item #85231.01
Run it down the Grand Canyon. Motor it up the Amazon. Put a moose on it and row it through Alaska. Build a shack on it and drift the Mississippi. The 18' NRS Kodiak Cataraft is as big as your plans. * NRS "cats" are designed for extraordinary performance, agility and stability, whether transporting…

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AIRE Wildcat Cataraft
AIRE Wildcat Cataraft - Item #87020.01
Surfs like a play boat, yet will tackle the biggest river while supporting a full load of gear. Its wild nature makes it tough, and AIRE ensures this with 43 oz., 1670 denier bottom material and 35 oz., 1670 denier upper tube material. Over the past decade catarafts have exploded onto the whitewater…

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NRS Alley Cat Frame - 66"W x 88"L
NRS Alley Cat Frame - 66"W x 88"L - Item #92050.02
The most compact NRS yoke-style cataraft frame, the 66"W x 88"L Alley Cat Frame is perfect for day runs and shorter overnight adventures. You get a narrower profile that can make all the difference on tight, rocky streams. * You can carry a cooler or a dry box, either of which can serve as a seat…

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NRS Alley Cat Frame - 72"W x 88"L
NRS Alley Cat Frame - 72"W x 88"L - Item #92051.02
The yoke-style NRS Alley Cat Frame has just what you need for day runs and shorter overnight trips. The 88" length fits most cataraft tubes and the 72" width lets you carry a larger cooler or dry box. * The cooler or dry box you carry can also serve as a seat for a passenger. * The completely…

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