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Path of Beauty - Grand Canyon Book - Item #65062.01

…rhythms of wilderness. * Brown has done an excellent job of capturing the grandeur of the Grand Canyon, as well as the smaller, intimate scenes carved by eons of wind and water. * This book will inspire those dreaming of going there and will rekindle the dream for those who have already been.…


Merciless Eden Book - Item #67052.01

Merciless Eden, by Doug Tims, tells the story of the pioneers, good people and shady characters who carved out homesteads and lifestyles along Idaho's wild Salmon River. * If you've floated down the Main Salmon River you've seen Campbell's Ferry on the river maps, and you may have stopped for a…


NRS GigBob Personal Fishing Watercraft - Item #84001.01

Since man carved the first fish hooks from wood and bone, anglers have been creating new ways to get out and catch the Big One. Enter the GigBob... inflatable, frameless, ingenious. * It's frameless! A personal fishing boat that can be rowed and is rigid without a frame. Our patented frameless…



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