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NRS Frame U-bolt - Item #91020.01
Stainless steel U-bolt for use with LoPro™ Fitting creates a connection that will hold firmly for a lifetime of boating. Includes 2 zinc-coated steel nylon-insert lock nuts and flat washers. Oversized U-bolts are recommended for Passenger Seat Mounts, Aluminum Cataraft Floors, the Cataraft…



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NRS Frame Passenger Seat Mount - Item #94019.01
…safely and easily by adding a comfy padded raft seat to any NRS frame. Attaches to a cross bar or side rail with the included oversized U-bolts. Seat not included. See item #1239 for the Angler Fishing Seat Mount. When attaching the mount, please bolt it to the frame before attaching the seat.



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NRS U-Bolt Drink Holder - Item #81152.01
No more scrambling to put your drink in a safe spot during some unexpected maneuvering. The NRS U-Bolt Drink Holder attaches securely to any crossbar and has a lid with a hook and loop closure. * Slide the drink holder's plastic clip easily into the groove on the mounting plate for a secure place to…



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NRS U-Bolt Mounting Bracket - Item #84101.01
…the NRS U-Bolt Mounting Bracket. This predrilled adaptor plate lets you mount that rod holder, fish finder or GPS you can't live without. * Simply bolt the U-Bolt Mounting Bracket to your NRS raft frame, and then attach the included Scotty Side/Deck mount using the predrilled holes. * Compatible…


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NRS Spare Drink Holder - Item #81162.01
The NRS Spare Drink Holder can be used as a replacement for the drink holder on the Saddle Bag Cooler, the U-Bolt Drink Holder and can be attached to the front flap of the Taj M'Haul Deck bag for a convenient place to hold your favorite beverage. * The plastic clip on the back includes the male and…



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NRS LoPro Frame Fittings - Closeout - Item #91028.01
…coupled with our stainless steel U-bolt, creates a connection that will hold firmly for a lifetime of boating. * LoPro includes U-bolt and frame fit bolt assemblies. * Dimensions: Overall Length: 5 1/2" Shank Length: 2" Shank outer diameter: 1 3/8" Saddle fits pipe with 1 5/8" outer diameter Saddle…


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Scotty Side/Deck Mount 241 - Item #84108.01
Use the Scotty Side/Deck Mount to replace a broken bracket or to attach your Scotty Accessories to another boat without having to move the mounting bracket. * Fiber-reinforced, engineering-grade nylon construction for tough-as-nails performance. * Easily swap your rod holders, fish finder mount, GPS…



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NRS GigBob Oar Mount Plate - Item #16435
A replacement oar mount plate for the NRS GigBob. * Durable aluminum with mounting brackets on the bottom to attach to your GigBob and pre-drilled to receive bolts for the Oar Mounts.


Scotty Flush Deck Mount 244 - Item #84109.01
…rod holders. The bottom of the receptacle is sealed, and the attached cover keeps out splash. * Just cut a 1 3/8" hole in the deck to affix the 4" x 2" x 2" mount. * Bolting pattern is 1 5/16" x 3 3/16". Bolts not included. * Apply a bead of silicone sealer under the mount to ensure it's watertight.


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Yakima Side Loader - Item #62520.01
Keep it simple. Yakima Side Loaders bolt to the side of your camper shell making a perfect spot for 1A Raingutter towers. The slim profile fits easily between the top of the camper and the windows. * Bolt securely to the side of almost any truck camper shell. * Provide firm attachment points for…


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Yakima Wide Body - Item #62502.01
…bars low and towers away from the shell sides. * Bolt securely to the side of almost any truck camper shell. * Provide firm attachment points for Yakima 1A Raingutter towers. * Kit includes two Side Loaders, plus all necessary bolts, nuts and locking washers. (Installation requires drilling.)…


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NRS Kayak Deck Rigging Kit - Item #50105.01
…Easy to install kit includes 24' of 1/4" bungee, 14 nylon lacing eyelets, and 28 bolts and rubber-coated well nuts. * Rounded lacing eyelets are nice looking and cut down on abrasion on your rigging. * Stainless bolts and rubber coated well nuts protect against rust and damage. These are intended to…



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