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NRS Clearwater Drifter Boat - Item #84060.01
…tracking and anchoring while helping the boat ride over waves. * The Clearwater's three-chamber design ensures it will keep floating and rowing even if one air chamber is compromised. * Casting stations in the bow and stern feature swiveling angler seats, diamond plate decks and thigh hooks with…



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Low-Back Plastic Drain Hole Seat - Item #94033.01
seats. * The low seat back fits comfortably beneath the back panel of your life jacket. * Strong plastic construction eliminates metal parts that could rust or bend. * This seat fits on the NRS Seat Bar and on the NRS Passenger Seat Mount, which clamps to any of our crossbars or side rails. * Seat



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NRS Angler Seat Caddy - Item #94027.01
The optional seat caddy attaches to the Angler Seat to make a handy storage tray for beverages and tackle.



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NRS High-Back Swivel Seat - Item #94026.02
…Molded channels in the seat cushion direct water to the drain port so the seat stays dry. * The swivel base has the same bolt pattern as the Angler Swivel Seat we previously stocked, 5.25"W x 5.25"L. It will fit on any of our current seat bars and passenger seat mounts. * Seat comes with mounting…


NRS Outlaw IK Thwart Seat - Item #85125.01
Thwart Seat for the NRS Outlaw Inflatable Kayaks. For those that want simple, versatile comfort, this is your seat. * Feed the attached straps through the boat's drain holes to place the seat exactly where you need it. * The versatility of this seat also allows it to be used in the front of the boat



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NRS Frame Stern Seat Mount - Item #92017.02
…LoPros and a High-Back Swivel Seat in replacement of the folding Angler Fishing Seat. Put a fisherman on the back of your raft with the NRS Stern Seat Mount. Includes a High-Back Swivel Seat that rotates 360 degrees for unlimited casting angles. * The seat mount rests on the raft stern tube,…


$165.00 - $224.95

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NRS Freestone Drifter Boat - Item #84062.01
…tracking and anchoring while helping the boat ride over waves. * The three-chamber design and frame ensure it will keep floating and rowing even if an air chamber is compromised. * Casting stations in the bow and stern feature swiveling Angler Seats, diamond plate decks and Thigh Hooks with…



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NRS Stern Frame with SkidGuard Seat - Item #92009.02
…Skidguard Seat attaches to the Seat Bar and Foot Bar with conduit clamps. * 3/4" marine-grade Skidguard plywood features a tough, slip-resistant plastic laminate finish for long-term durability. * The Stern Frame with Low-Back Drain-Hole Seat (Item # 92007.02) is a great alternative when boats are…


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NRS Frame Angler Swivel Seat Mount - Item #94018.01
…easily by adding a comfy Angler Swivel Seat to any NRS frame. Attaches to a cross bar or side rail with the included U-bolts. (Seat not included.) Pictured from underside. Please see item# 1238 for the Standard Seat Mount used with the raft and high back seats. When attaching the mount, please bolt…



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NRS Frame Seat Bar with LoPro's - Item #90030.02
…standard seat bar gives you a bird's eye view. Comes with LoPro fittings, u-bolts, washer and nuts. The aluminum seat plate is welded to the frame pipe for structural integrity. The seat plate has bolt hole patterns for both the Padded Drain-Hole Seats (7.5"W x 7"L) and the Angler Swivel Seat


NRS Frame Angler Seat Bar with LoPro's - Item #90001.02
Angler Seat Bars give you that great bird's eye view. Includes LoPro™ fitting, u-bolts, washers and nuts. The hole patterns on the plate can be used with the Angler Swivel Fishing Seat or Padded Raft Seats. This bar is not for whitewater use. Widths: 48" - 82" * The heart of the NRS frame…


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Kokatat Women's Gore-Tex Meridian Drysuit with Drop Seat - WGMED - Item #23016.01
…Drysuit you get legendary Kokatat and Gore-Tex quality in a drysuit patterned specifically for female kayakers. And you'll love the convenient drop seat. * The women's GMED is specially designed to fit women's bodies, with shorter sleeve and torso lengths, narrower shoulders, and cut fuller through…



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