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Low-Back Plastic Drain Hole Seat - Item #94033.01
seats. * The low seat back fits comfortably beneath the back panel of your life jacket. * Strong plastic construction eliminates metal parts that could rust or bend. * This seat fits on the NRS Seat Bar and on the NRS Passenger Seat Mount, which clamps to any of our crossbars or side rails. * Seat



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NRS Frame Stern Seat Mount with Seat - Item #92017.02
…* The seat mount rests on the raft stern tube, elevating the angler for better visibility and casting. * The included Angler Swivel Fishing Seat lets you fish in comfort all day long. * The padded seat swivels easily and also locks in position. The seat bar can be rotated for the best seating angle.…


$165.00 - $224.95

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NRS Angler Seat Caddy - Item #94027.01
The optional seat caddy attaches to the Angler Seat to make a handy storage tray for beverages and tackle.



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NRS Outlaw IK Thwart Seat - Item #85125.01
Thwart Seat for the NRS Outlaw Inflatable Kayaks. For those that want simple, versatile comfort, this is your seat. * Feed the attached straps through the boat's drain holes to place the seat exactly where you need it. * The versatility of this seat also allows it to be used in the front of the boat



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NRS Clearwater Drifter Boat - Item #84060.01
…tracking and anchoring while helping the boat ride over waves. * The Clearwater's three-chamber design ensures it will keep floating and rowing even if one air chamber is compromised. * Casting stations in the bow and stern feature swiveling angler seats, diamond plate decks and thigh hooks with…



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NRS Freestone Drifter Boat - Item #84062.01
…tracking and anchoring while helping the boat ride over waves. * The three-chamber design and frame ensure it will keep floating and rowing even if an air chamber is compromised. * Casting stations in the bow and stern feature swiveling Angler Seats, diamond plate decks and Thigh Hooks with…



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NRS Stern Frame with SkidGuard Seat - Item #92009.02
…Skidguard Seat attaches to the Seat Bar and Foot Bar with conduit clamps. * 3/4" marine-grade Skidguard plywood features a tough, slip-resistant plastic laminate finish for long-term durability. * The Stern Frame with Low-Back Drain-Hole Seat (Item # 92007.02) is a great alternative when boats are…


NRS Frame Angler Swivel Seat Mount - Item #94018.01
…easily by adding a comfy Angler Swivel Seat to any NRS frame. Attaches to a cross bar or side rail with the included U-bolts. (Seat not included.) Pictured from underside. Please see item# 1238 for the Standard Seat Mount used with the raft and high back seats. When attaching the mount, please bolt…



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NRS Frame Angler Seat Bar with LoPro's - Item #90001.02
Angler Seat Bars give you that great bird's eye view. Includes LoPro™ fitting, u-bolts, washers and nuts. The hole patterns on the plate can be used with the Angler Swivel Fishing Seat or Padded Raft Seats. This bar is not for whitewater use. Widths: 48" - 82" * The heart of the NRS frame…


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Kokatat Women's Gore-Tex Meridian Drysuit with Drop Seat - WGMED - Item #23016.01
…Drysuit you get legendary Kokatat and Gore-Tex quality in a drysuit patterned specifically for female kayakers. And you'll love the convenient drop seat. * The women's GMED is specially designed to fit women's bodies, with shorter sleeve and torso lengths, narrower shoulders, and cut fuller through…



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C-Tug Boat Cart with Solid Kiwi Wheels - Closeout - Item #50107.02
…parts to corrode, rust, or gum up with sand. * 3.5-inch-wide tire gives good support for the cart in sand. * Thermo-bonded elastomeric seat pads stick tightly to boat hulls. * Comes with a 2.4 meter (7.9 foot) strap for lashing your kayak to the cart. * Stainless steel reinforced axles will take the…


On Sale: $127.50 $169.95

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USED NRS Cat Fish Frame 66"W with Extra Angler Bar - No Seats, No Rails - Closeout - Item #89000.27
A cataraft makes a great fishing platform and the Cat Fish is the ideal fishing frame. Comes with a seat bar, an Action Seat Bar, and a foot bar. The Cat Fish has room to float, fish and pile on the gear for either day trips or extended journeys. The open design offers ample elbow room for the…

On Sale: $613.25 $876.10

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