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CRKT Bear Claw Knife
CRKT Bear Claw Knife - Item #47285.01
The CRKT Bear Claw Knife is an extension of your hand that cuts rope and webbing like a razor. The blunt tip prevents point penetration in emergency situations. * The curve In the Triple-Point serrated blade concentrates the cutting motion for quick, easy severing of the material. * Blade control…



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Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Kit
Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Kit - Item #47270.01
Stay prepared. Stay alive. That's what the Gerber® Bear Grylls Survival Pack is designed to help you do. The waterproof bag contains all the essentials for surviving in the outdoors. * Designed by the survival expert Bear Grylls, star of the Discovery Channel series Man vs. Wild. * This 8-piece…


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Eddy Out Kitchen Dry Box
Eddy Out Kitchen Dry Box - Item #55085.01
The Eddy Out Kitchen Dry Box is designed to protect your supplies and give you a handy kitchen counter at camp or on the beach. Included legs store inside the box during transport. * Constructed of premium aluminum with folding carry handles, continuous "piano-hinge" style lid hinge and…



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SMC Shuttle Tandem Rope Pulley
SMC Shuttle Tandem Rope Pulley - Item #45259.01
…applications that utilize rope. * Uses four high-efficiency sealed stainless steel ball bearings and is designed to function flawlessly under conditions that would shut down lesser-grade pulleys. * Sealed ball bearings provide optimal efficiency, reducing the performance-robbing resistance that is…


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Brunton 20B Baseplate Compass
Brunton 20B Baseplate Compass - Item #71768.01
…exclusive 'circle-over-circle' alignment system eliminates the possibility of reading a bearing in reverse. * Simply center the red 'North' circle over the compass dial's larger blue circle and you have the bearing you need. * Tool-free declination adjustment on all Brunton compasses. * 2-degree…


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Alaska River Guide Book
Alaska River Guide Book - Item #65031.01
…specific for travel and boating in Alaska's wild and remote terrain, including instruction in how to avoid dangerous encounters with the plentiful bear population. * Alaska's Rivers are separated by cardinal reagion in this book. Travel to the Delta River in the Yukon Region or the Stikine in the…


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Scotty Anchor Mount 276
Scotty Anchor Mount 276 - Item #84102.01
…permanent, easy release system for the GigBob or other small fishing boats. * Scotty's tough construction means this anchor mount will last. * Roller bearing with easy lock and release give you quiet, smooth operation. * Will accommodate up to 1/2 inch rope. * Mounting hardware and rope not included…



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Middle Fork of the Salmon River Guide Book 3rd Ed.
Middle Fork of the Salmon River Guide Book 3rd Ed. - Item #66009.02
…detailed 94-page guide gives you all the information you need for a successful Middle Fork trip. * This 3rd Edition of the book also covers Marsh and Bear Valley Creeks, new rapid and camp descriptions, four new camps, plus the latest on fires in the river corridor. * The color topo maps are created…


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Encounters from a Kayak Book
Encounters from a Kayak Book - Item #67051.01
…in Encounters from a Kayak covers everything from monkeys in Florida to squid in Newfoundland. His tale of a too-close encounter with a polar bear along Canada's Ungava Bay will send chills up your spine. * The section entitled "People" relates stories as varied as helping scatter a stranger's…


NRS Super Pump
NRS Super Pump - Item #80016.02
…the majority of the air volume in your inflatable. * When you need higher pressure, simply open the air port at the top of the chamber and you can bear down with single-action strokes! * Small diameter pump chamber keeps the pumping easy, even at high pressures. * Full 48" long hose comes with the…


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SMC 2" Swiftwater Pulley
SMC 2" Swiftwater Pulley - Item #45256.01
…sheave. The anodized aluminum sideplates feature a series of holes which help to minimize the hydroplaning effect that might otherwise occur with a typical pulley. Sideplates are also configured to allow this pulley to work as a Prusik Minding Pulley. Sealed Ball Bearings provide optimal efficiency.



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SMC Micro PMP Pulley
SMC Micro PMP Pulley - Item #45252.01
…rescue carabiners or multiple small carabiners and allows the carabiners to be rotated freely and completely even while closed. Solid sideplates help prevent foreign object access and reduce snagging. High efficiency sealed ball bearing reduces performance loss in large systems. NFPA Certified 2001.


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