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Informational: How to Stay Warm When Boating

…that come up to the knee inside the suit to keep my lower legs and feet warm. Creeking, I wear NRS HydroSkin Wetsocks over my drysuit socks and NRS Attack Shoes. My feet get cold when creeking because I am more likely to be walking or standing in the water. Playboating I just wear the NRS Sasquatch…

Informational: How to Clean and Store Your Inflatable Boat

…every year we hear from customers with horror stories of massive damage caused by those furry critters. Store your craft rodent-safe, or employ attack cats. In this video, Josh from NRS Repairs gives you step-by-step instructions for cleaning and storing your inflatable. Items mentioned in this…

Informational: Dry Drowning: Feedback

…triggered episodes (liquids). 2) Seeds and crumbs (i.e. rice, sesame seeds, toast crumbs) have triggered attacks. 3) Stomach acid (coughed up when I have heartburn) has triggered attacks, mostly when sleeping or lying down. (A most RUDE way to wake up). 4) My doctor confirms you should begin…

Informational: Lend Me Your Ear - About Kayaker's Ear

…the pharmacist for the eardrops prescribed to me, I asked her, "Are these the cherry-flavored ones?" She and I both laughed, igniting a coughing attack that nearly buckled my knees. When I finally caught my breath, she said, "You should really see a doctor about that." Jacob Boling NRS Marketing…

Informational: Dry Drowning: An Update

…This creates back pressure, which can help to open airways slightly until EMS personnel arrive and take over. “This could also be an ASTHMA attack so that is a good reason to know what medical conditions exist for the paddlers on a trip or outing. For those with asthma; do you carry your…

Informational: How to Prepare for Medical Emergencies When Boating

…is not extremely important. In this day and age, we are all susceptible to many different types of medical emergencies. Car crashes, heart attacks, injuries, illnesses and accidents all happen on a daily basis. Just being alive creates the need to be familiar with first aid skills as well…

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