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Yakima Heavy Duty Straps - Item #62554.01
…Duty Straps from Yakima. * Soft rubber buckle cover protects your boat and vehicle from scratches. * This strap has super strong box-stitched polypropylene webbing and a locking cam buckle to ensure your load stays put. * Straps can be cut to length if required. * Sold in pairs of 16-foot straps.



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NRS Inflatable Kayak Thigh Straps - Item #50099.01
NRS' adjustable thigh straps (this is a pair of straps) for inflatable kayaks give you the added control and security you need in whitewater. * A simple strap loop, that is plenty long enough to attach to the self bailers in case you don't have D-rings, along with bomb proof cam buckles make…



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NRS Adjustable Cooler Mounts - Item #92999.01
Adjust your cooler to the perfect height with NRS Adjustable Cooler Mounts. Using mounts provides you with a solid seating platform for the rower or passenger. * Each half of the mount is hung from separate 1" NRS HD Tie Down Straps, making the unit infinitely adjustable for height and width. * The…



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NRS Adjustable Dry Box Mounts - Item #93000.01
…too low? Fine-tune the height of your drybox to the perfect elevation with NRS Adjustable Drybox Mounts. * Each piece of the mount is hung from separate 1" NRS HD Tie Down Straps, making the unit infinitely adjustable for height and width. * The aluminum bottom pieces, bent at right angles, secure…


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NRS PFD Leg Straps - Item #40017.01
…out of. * Adjustable straps fit people of all ages and sizes. * Leg Straps fit in loops on NRS Big Water V Adult and Youth, NRS Big Water Guide and NRS Rapid Rescuer PFDs. They may also fit other life jackets with strap loops or sleeves specifically designed for the attachment of leg straps. * We do…



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ENO Atlas Hammock Suspension Straps - Item #71603.01
…ENO Atlas Hammock Suspension Straps support up to 400 pounds and give you 30 different adjustment points for a perfect hang every time. * The straps are made with a rugged poly-filament webbing that can safely support up to 400 pounds of weight. * Each of the straps has a series of overlapping loops…



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NRS Barrito Roof Rack Pads with Straps - Item #62557.01
…neoprene cushions your rack and the gear you strap on top. Includes two 6' NRS Loop Straps. Deliciously simple protection. * 8 mm neoprene provides excellent cushioning to protect your precious cargo. * The aggressive hook-and-loop closure strip adjusts to securely fit your rack bars, no matter how…

$49.95 - $54.95

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ENO Slap Strap Hammock Suspension - Item #71602.01
…10 - 20 feet apart and the Slap Strap makes hammock set up and take down quick and easy. * Wrap the Slap Strap around your anchor point and pass the end through the large end loop. The 5 webbing loops along the length of the strap give you excellent adjustability. * Weight is 5 oz. and the 1" wide…



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GoPro Vented Helmet Strap Camera Mount - Item #71839.01
…to any vented kayaking, rafting, canoeing, SUP, bike or motor sports helmet. * Makes it easy to move the mount from helmet to helmet. * The adjustable strap makes mounting the camera quick and easy; one size fits all helmets. * 3-Way Pivot Arm lets you precisely aim the camera for the perfect shot.


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GoPro Head Strap + QuickClip Camera Mount - Item #71840.01
…the Head Strap directly over your head or over your helmet. Attach the QuickClip to a backward ball cap or other 3mm to 10mm thick object. Compatible with all GoPro cameras. * Head Strap can be worn over a helmet or directly on your head in a headlamp-like position. It's fully adjustable to fit all…


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NRS Ball Cap - Item #10051.01
…wicks and dries fast, perfect for river trips or just a day outside. * A soft nylon mesh inner headband is comfortable and absorbs moisture. * Mesh side panels give added ventilation for warmer days. * A hook-and-loop adjustment strap in the back ensures that this hat fits a wide range of people.



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NRS Elbow Pads - Item #50036.01
…3-mm Mystery neoprene for extra exteriorpadding. * Patterned to flex easily so that your paddling motionremains unobstructed. * Three elastic adjustment straps hold tight whether youwear the guards with or without a drytop. Universal sizing allows for one adjustment then just slip it on after that.



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