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Action Swivel Seat

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NRS Angler Swivel Fishing Seat - Item #94026.01
Seat Caddy to hold your drinks, forceps, pliers, sunscreen and other small items you want to keep handy. * The Angler Swivel Fishing Seat base has the same bolt pattern as the Action Swivel Seat we previously stocked, 5.25"W x 5.25"L. It will fit on any of our current seat bars and passenger seat



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NRS Otter 130 Fishing Package - Item #85014.01
…catching fish. You get a comfortable rowers seat in the middle and a raised Angler Swivel Seat that puts the angler up high for ease of casting. * The Stern Seat Mount gives you room for another angler in the back of the boat, with an Angler Swivel Seat that allows you to fish at any angle. * Front…

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